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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works. Articles

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Best Time Saving Kitchen Tools – Love Cooking Get It Done On Time
Added 4/26/2017 by Jaspreet Kaur
In today’s era everyone is in a hurry, no one has time to spend at their home. Women are managing their home & working profession both. So, everyone is in need of tools that can skip a few steps of tedious prep of cooking in the kitchen. By these unique

Video Walls are the Next Big Thing
Added 4/26/2017 by William Reed
There are a few reasons why the sudden rise in the usage of video walls and why it is considered as the next ‘Big Thing’.

Sari: Resemblance of Indian femininity
Added 2/3/2017 by Amaya Sharma
Today's world is seeing a change in the variety of sarees also. In Indian saree store saree is now available in so many variations and fabric that it is hard to pick often. There are theme sarees available which are set on a specific theme like garba, we

Do you know seven kinds of negative emotions lead to being short-lived
Added 4/1/2013 by Dorothy Kennedy
In daily life, we have the kinds of emotions due to different people and things, such as happy, sad, fear and so on, but you should know some negative emotions can damage men health, seriously resulting in being short-lived, what is the seven kinds of ne

Cosmic Messages at your fingertips
Added 9/5/2012 by Orna Ben-Shoshan
How do reading card work for you? Most reading cards contain artwork and codes that signify numerous probabilities for events and situations. You can compare a reading card to an icon that leads you to relevant knowledge when drawn out of the deck.

Ignite Your Passion
Added 6/10/2012 by Weiman Max
How to find your passion in life and ignite it.

How To See God: The Spiritual Power Of Straight Line Meditation
Added 5/1/2012 by Carol McMahon
The most powerful spiritual practice is attention. This article explains why, and introduces a method that anchors attention, bringing highest fulfillment in everyone’s reach.

How Meditation Works And Why It Is Sure To Work For You
Added 1/23/2012 by Carol E. McMahon, Ph.D.
Meditation benefits are many and varied, but all share a common source: awareness. Explained here is how meditation restores awareness, and why it is sure to work for you.

Split Paths | The Divide of the Occult Community
Added 12/14/2011 by Mona Magick
Within the past circles and the existing communities of the occult, the terms “Right-Hand Path” and “Left-Hand Path” or RHP/LHP for have long been coined as either white or black magic. To the public, depending on one’s belief, neither of the two have be

Who Are Arniel, Mathael and Shalmiel?
Added 3/31/2011 by Orna Ben-Shoshan
From the Kabbalistic point of view, angels and their role in our world is a serious business. What can we learn about angels, and how can we get in touch with them in our everyday life? The view of the Kabbala on the heavenly brigades of angels

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1-10 of 1583 articles

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