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A Shift of Perception: Psychic Abilities

Martyn Pentecost

Psychic abilities are not about achieving some mysterious power that we know very little about. We do actually know a lot about how people function on a physiological level when working psychically. It is often the case that people shy away from taking such a seemingly mundane view of what some people believe is a very special gift.

However, by removing the mystery and dispelling the clandestine nature of psychic ability, we actually see the true gifts that lie beyond the physical (the aspects of psychic ability that cannot be measured, or quantified). All we need to do is recognise that we are using different parts of our anatomy from those we usually pay attention to, and this shift of perception offers immense wonderment.

If it is just a simple shift of perception that is required to develop your psychic abilities, why do some people have such difficulty in creating this shift, and why are we not all using these abilities as second nature?

The reason is twofold.

Initially, there are aspects of ourselves that block our perception of the psychic information we perceive, and secondly, the fact that we do not recognise our psychic sense, means that it becomes atrophied over time and thus, harder to perceive.

Therefore, to attain this shift in perception it is necessary to work with two different approaches. The first is to remove any factors that hinder us, and the second is to boost the sensory information that is the foundation of our psychic awareness.

Everything we perceive in life can be represented as a sphere; the further we expand this sphere, the more we learn to perceive. As we expand our sphere on one level, however, all the other layers expand also, meaning that if your sphere of perception currently borders on cerebral perception (what you think), by expanding it, your physical perception will also move towards the outer layers of the sphere. This is why we start recognising our psychic information as thoughts, and then develop sensory information, such as seeing and hearing spirit.

So, what we are attempting to achieve in psychic development is to expand our sphere of perception as much as possible. The more we boost the potency of the outer layers, the easier they are to “find”. Plus, the more we can remove limitations to our expansion the smoother the process will be.

There are five different approaches to assist this process of clearing limiting beliefs and boosting your energetic abilities. These five separate layers are:

- Healing the physical body, emotions and mind
- Repatterning subconscious attachments
- Automatic entrainment
- Altering perception
- Energy Mastership
- Healing the physical body, emotions and mind

The health of our physical body is integral to our psychic ability, because, not only do we require expansion of our physical layers to achieve the outer layers of our perspective sphere, but also when our bodies are preoccupied with healing, the psychic information we connect to can be blocked out.

Our physical body not only includes the flesh, bones, blood, etc., as we also include the chemical reactions that occur body-wide (emotions), and the electrical transmissions in the brain (thoughts). These levels are integrally connected and by working on one level, you will have an effect on all three layers (and beyond).

Repatterning subconscious attachments

One of the most seemingly innocuous factors in psychic development, which is actually one of the most vital areas of attention, is that of the attachments we have to words and phrases. From birth, we are exposed to language as our main form of conscious communication and soon begin to form connections between the words we use and physiological reaction in the body. Words such as Pain, Hurt, Anger, Hatred, Murder, Abuse, and so on, quickly become associated with negative reactions at a chemical level. It is these negative reactions that soon start to sabotage our best efforts to achieve our psychic abilities. Partly as limiting beliefs, but also due to emotional reactions we have to the concepts subliminally attached to certain words.

By changing the linguistic approach we take towards psychic development, we change the chemical reactions in our body and thus, change our body and mind. This is the core belief of therapies such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), and CWT (Creative Writing Therapy).

Automatic Entrainment

When we experience the deep level meditations, altered awareness, and trance-state tools of psychic work, it is helpful place triggers at a subconscious level, as these will help us not only to activate the different techniques, but also to deactivate them!

Altering perception

The ability to alter your perception of the world will make the processes of development much easier and enable you to look beyond yourself, to a realm of fantastic wonders. As you shift your viewpoint, you will learn many wise lessons and obtain information that you could never understand from your “everyday” view of the world. So if you perceive something that is blocking your progress and you are unable to move passed this limitation, simply alter your perception to a place where the block no longer exists!

Energy Mastership

The energetic elements of psyhic development are something that over the past few years have become very popular, much-talked-about, and to a certain extent placed into the realms of inaccuracy and dogma. True energy mastership is when you are able to perceive the world differently – from the viewpoint of energy!

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