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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works. Articles

Ignite Your Passion

Weiman Max

How to ignite your passion. Recently my wife said to me, “Honey, you’re getting obsessed with Yoga.” This made me feel good, because whenever I am obsessed with something…I am able to achieve. Art. Music. Tae Kwon Do. Judaism. Anything I have been overwhelmingly attached to has lead me to some achievement like a black belt or a rabbinic degree. What do Steve Jobs and Charles Manson have in common? Something that is a power inside the human being that leads us to accomplishment. It can lead a person to make amazing products for millions of people as a successful CEO or can lead a nut to do terrible things. It’s called PASSION. It’s a powerful tool to help you get whatever it is you want out of life. Even Einstein said about himself, “I have no special talents. I am merely passionately curious.” So whether it’s physics, business, or spirituality, passion is an extraordinary tool to help you succeed. Which would you rather be, a light bulb or a laser beam, a Vespa or a Harley? Where do we see this trait in the Torah? All the greats Biblical figures showed signs of this as Rabbi Luzzato points out in Path of the Just in his chapter on Zeal. Passion or enthusiasm to fulfill your life mission for God is a step in the ladder to prophecy. You can’t get there without it. King David wrote passionately and is one of our teachers in this particular trait, with phrases like “My soul thirsts for the Almighty”, and “All my bones will say, ‘God, who is like you?’.” But is this kind of overwhelming passion expected from everyone? Maybe it is just for the saintly? You need go no further than the prayer called the Shma, our mission statement, to see passion is expected from us all. After that declaration that God is one, the prayer continues “And you shall love the Lord your God with all you heart, and with all your soul, and with all your resources.” Sounds pretty clear to me. God expects us all to swoon for spirituality and a relationship with Him. Why? Maybe because He designed us with this internal mechanism called passion that helps us accomplish great things in any area of life. So of course, since being a good person and having spiritual goals is important to us, we’ll naturally use it for that too. Get wisdom first. When they asked Steve Jobs what the number one tool for success in business is, he said Passion. also pointed out that Jobs patterned Apple after Sony, and then left Sony in the dust, because the CEO of Sony didn’t have the same passion as Jobs. And while being successful at business doesn’t make you a saint, it certainly can’t be compared with people who have a passion and use it for bad stuff like Manson. So it would be well advised to mix your passion with wisdom. Make sure you have wisdom before you get your passion all worked up. Otherwise you could fuel the wrong engine inside you. Passion is a piece of your soul. But it seems some people just have passion and some people don’t. How do I get it? How do I ignite the passion inside me? I’ll tell you a secret. Your soul is a whirling ball of fire. It’s a piece of the Infinite. It has more power than a nuclear warhead. When you get in touch with your soul, you can tap into that power, that passion. How do you get in touch with your soul? The soul is the real you. We are always walking around with a façade. The real you is inside. When you ask yourself questions you can get inside yourself. What do you really value? What do you really care about? What excites you? Any similar questions will get you inside yourself to the real you. Ask these questions and you will get there. But above all, the most important question, the one that you should ask yourself every single day is, “What is it that you really want out of life?” “What is that you are really after?” “What is life really all about?” They are all different ways of asking the same question. Form the question however you want, but ask it every day to get to the very heart of what your passion is. You’ll find it.

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