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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works. Articles

Celtic Reiki: A Personal Journey

Martyn Pentecost

There was a time of darkness, when I felt alone and afraid, when there seemed no hope, or way forward. It seems such a distance from there to here, although the only thing that changed was the realisation that darkness is just a place where the lights have not been switched on yet! The hard part is finding a torch bright enough to light the way and it was in this particular search that I discovered some of the most enchanted beings you could imagine.

To those who use Celtic Reiki, its origins will be familiar; a mighty Fir tree cloven in half by a thunderstorm, one half standing and the other laying beside, dying. I offered the standing half of the Fir some Reiki in an attempt to assist the healing process, but could feel it was not achieving anything. So I started to use Reiki on the dying half and was then guided to place a hand on each section of the tree, allowing the energy of the dying half to flow through me to the living tree. This was “Ailim”, the first of twenty new vibrations that would comprise the Celtic Reiki system.

This incredible experience triggered a quest that would last many months, as I travelled my native UK in search of trees that would offer their vibrations to me in order to help us heal each other and ourselves. As each tree, or shrub revealed its energy, it was catalogued, attached to a symbol and added to the dictionary of energies that were taught to students of Celtic Reiki.

Eventually, I felt that I had done all I could with the Celtic Reiki system and passed it on with the request that all who learn it help to evolve the therapy by working with trees, plants and the world around us. And happily I went off to work on AET and then Lemuria.

It was, of course, a complete surprise to learn that my work with the Celtic Reiki modality was just beginning and when my sojourn to pastures new was complete, I would return to working with an entourage of very special beings in order to create a Reiki system that was not only for use by humans, but would become a means of communicating our true nature to those who view us with mistrust.

Through various synchronicities, I came across many powerful and imposing trees, who required assistance in one way or another. I had worked with the kin of some of these individuals, such as the powerful oak tree, whilst others for example, the Holly, I had not encountered energetically. Some of these individuals welcomed me to them with a loving openness, whilst others regarded me with a deep suspicion; the reputation of my kind travelling before me.

“Hang on a minute!” Some of you may say, “Let’s get this straight! This guy travels around in a variety of weather conditions and at unearthly times of the day and night to talk to trees?”

Oh yes, I reply and believe me, even I can see the funny side of it at 2am on a cold winter’s morning, trekking across a pitch black moor in torrential rain to speak with a tree. However, there is a truth here, for anybody who has ever walked into a room and sensed the love of the person who lived there; for anybody who has sensed the anger of a partner, without the use of words, or picked up on argument whilst at a friend’s house. For those who do not need words to understand what happens around them, you will value how it is possible to comprehend the way trees feel. At the end of the day, our emotions are the same as theirs and if you have experienced a particular emotion, you can recognise it in others.

At first, this sense was simple and restricted to “pain”, “happiness”, “sadness”, “love” and so on. With time, this basic ability to discern the mood of the plants around us gradually developed into a more complex form of communication, that enabled “flashes” of inspiration and insights into the thoughts of trees and alike. This will, of course, be new to some, whilst others will be fully aware of the nature of nature. Anybody who has read Lyall Watson’s “Supernature” will have been thrilled by the account of a plant whose reaction was measurable when a scientist “intended” to burn its leaves with hot coffee!

The ancient “Tree Lore” predates both Pagan and Wiccan traditions and tells us of the nature, and power of trees. It appears that in our modern societies, we have a new technique of tapping into the consciousness of trees and plants and by using Reiki, we can train ourselves to understand on an emotional level how these beings feel and what their needs are.

It was using this “tree sense” that had been nurtured during my original work with Celtic Reiki that I was brought back to work with the tree energies at a more integral level than ever before; none more so than the “Sanctuary Oak” and “The Lord of Thorns”.

The Sanctuary Oak is located in an ancient Cornish grove and is an impressive noble tree that guards the other trees in the area, mostly Rowan, Hazel, Oak, Elder and Willow. On our first meeting, I was struck by the austere nature of this tree and had a distinct impression that I was being tolerated, rather than being accepted.

Sanctuary Oak had developed a deep mistrust for humankind, because of years of the selfish behaviour and domination that people had inflicted upon the grove. From the road that split the grove in two, to the electricity pylons that shattered the energy of the place and perhaps the most disturbing; the “ancient darkness” that lived in the very granite beneath the grove. Darkness placed there through years of mining in the area and even farther back, the practice of dark arts.

The impression I attained from Sanctuary Oak was that he granted me audience, because of the work I had done with other Oak trees in North Wales, a couple of years earlier. Each time we help a tree, it changes our energy so that wherever we go, other trees will recognise the good we have done and act accordingly. He realised, despite himself, that I may be able to help and so he simply asked me to “clear the darkness” and directed me to the “centre” of the darkness.

I walked through the grove, past thorny gorse and huge areas of nettles; unharmed by either, to reach an area of deep malignance. It was here I saw the woman – her hair tangled and dirty, her clothes ripped. She regarded me for a moment and then the words pounded in my head. “I was raped and murdered – this is where I lay.”

Over many weeks, I worked in the grove, using both Reiki and Homoeopathic remedies to clear the site. Helping lost souls to find their path, coaxing the “ancient darkness” from its hiding place and beginning a mutual learning process with the Sanctuary Oak, who has taught me more about the nature of trees than I ever knew. I hope that I played at least a small part in helping him to forgive us and paved the way for him to accept further visitors in the clearing of the grove.

The eventual outcome of the energy work performed in the grove was a huge shifting of the energies, where the darkness was forced out and the Sanctuary Oak could transform the dark to light. We had helped each other find torches bright enough to shine through the darkness and forged a friendship that will last forever.

The Lord of Thorns is a majestic Holly tree that resides on Bodmin Moor, once again, protecting those around her. I had never honestly relished the idea of offering Reiki to a Holly before, so took the first few steps tentatively attempting to locate safe spaces along her branches that I could hold without being ripped to shreds! The energy I received back when I connected with her was probably the most loving energy I have ever felt from a plant.

She told me of her loneliness and how she yearned for company and so I decided to seek out a friend for the Lord and found it in the form of a tiny Ivy plant that I inventively nicknamed “Little Ivy”. Over many weeks, Little Ivy was prepared for life on the hostile conditions of the moor – a task he agreed to with real enthusiasm. When he was ready, he was presented to the Lord of Thorns, who was so incredibly happy; I cannot express the overwhelming joy that radiated from her. And so the Holly and the Ivy remain on the moor, friends and partners.

Naturally, I still visit all my friends on a regular basis, for they have all rewarded my efforts with a connection to their vibrations much more potent than before and presenting us with the gift of an enhanced form of Celtic Reiki that allows the practitioner to connect directly with the source tree, or plant.

By actively helping the trees I have encountered, I found a particular torch to light up my darkness; it is not what I can take from the world that matters, it is what I can give. I found that by giving of my time and assisting those in need, a system of Reiki could be created that goes far beyond my original expectations. Thus, Celtic Reiki is now a far more integrated and special therapy for me and once again I pass it on with a single wish. I ask that everybody who comes to Celtic Reiki, gives something back each time that they use it – be it planting a tree, or making a donation to an environmental group; by offering some Reiki back to the source trees, or by helping to teach the world that we share this planet, rather than owning it.

My own way of saying thank you to those who have helped me over the past few years is to set up a fund for the creation of a “Tree Sanctuary” to be used by trees and humans alike; a sacred place where we can all feel safe, where we can learn from each other and where we can share our experiences and energies. As others, the world over, come together to give thanks for this beautiful planet we live on, it is lovely to think that more of us are realising that we can find our light from trees and plants, by means other than chopping them down and burning them.

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