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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works. Articles

Synchronicities & Dreams for Self Discovery

Brett Fletcher


The Simple Mind is capable, as stated before, of receiving and understanding amazing metaphysical data, such as archetypal dreams and the phenomena known as Synchronicity. The following examples of both will be presented for the glorification of the journey into Self; some of the experiences are delightful and full of life, others connect with life's tragic side, yet sublime purpose in the darker experiences will be revealed as amazing and meaningful.

Be forewarned, just by the discussion of the topic Synchronicity, it is possible the person who has never experienced this phenomena soon will, after being exposed to the process. Synchronicities are the linking of a string of events tied together by a common theme. For example; a man decides to wear a tie with pictures of roses in the design. As he enters his place of employment and sits at his desk, to his surprise a single rose is placed across letters of unopened mail. The man has yet to make a connection with the tie he chose to wear that day. As the man opens the first piece of mail, he sees an advertisement for a sale on roses form the local florist. He looks at the single rose and makes a semi connection to the advertisement without long contemplation. The man leaves his office to go home for lunch. As he enters his house his wife is watching television. He makes a mental note of the program she is watching; The Charlie Rose Show. He says to his wife, "Oh, by the way, there was a rose on my desk this morning, do you know about this?" The wife responds, "No ...I hope it's not a secret admirer." The man tells his wife he doubts it, kisses her goodbye and leaves for his office. When he climbs into the car and starts the engine, he notices the song playing on the radio; The Rose. Now the man is heavy in contemplation, piecing together the different rose events, so close together. As he leaves his car a old woman, with shabby clothes and swollen feet, is selling roses in front of his workplace. He pays for twelve roses when the woman starts to cry. The man asks what is wrong. The woman replies she has not eaten since yesterday, and now she has enough money for her next to meals.

Let it be known at this point a certain characteristic about the nature of Synchronicities; Even though in the example given above, the initial onslaught of the man's rose Synchronicity came swiftly within a few hours of each other, the rose synchronicity may continue throughout his entire life, gaining depth and personal meaning to his experience of a rose. Also note; the events and the man are both simple, not too hard to understand, though the experience of the Synchronicity is extraordinary and led to an emotionally charged conclusion, the rose lady. Synchronicities are multi dimensional in purpose and usefulness, to the receiver and to those within the life of the receiver. The following will be actual Synchronicities, demonstrating this is not theory or hypothetic.

A man is working at a hospital when he notices out of the corner of his eye, some type of animal running down the hallway, bouncing off the walls. The man's supervisor runs past the man in pursuit of the animal, saying to the man, "Grab a box and come on!" The man found an empty box and followed his supervisor in a room where the animal entered into. The animal is identified as a feral cat - how it entered the hospital is not known. The feral cat was captured, and the man was instructed by his supervisor to write "Feral Cat" on the box and place it on the loading dock for pick up. The man goes home to his family with this event fresh on his mind. As he enters the house two televisions are being watched in two different rooms by two different family members. The man goes to a back room and picks up a book on psychology, reading where he left off. The chapter was on the case of the famous feral boy, found in the wild. His mind reflected on the feral cat captured at the hospital. The man put down the book and entered one of the rooms with the television on. There was a movie showing entitled. "Pray For The Wildcats". The man left the room and entered the second room where the other television was on. It was showing a college basketball game, one of the teams was the Arizona Wildcats. The man was astonished as the Synchronicity became obvious to him. The following day, the man was awoken by the sound of kittens coming from outside of his window. The man walked in the backyard finding a litter of feral kittens under a turned over wheel barrow. He fed and cared for the feral cats, who lived freely throughout the neighborhood for many years. This synchronicity had deep psychological and spiritual implications in the man's personal life, simply put; he needed to regain a freedom not experienced since childhood.

Here is the account of a Synchronicity with a tragic theme, though it is included to show a well-rounded view of the topic being discussed.

It begins with a person concerned about the wellbeing of a distant sibling. This person attempted to call the sibling in question, but there was no answer. The person left for work. On the way home from work a song came on the radio; "I Am The Walrus" by the Beatles. As this person was turning the corner nearing home the end of the song was playing chaotically, with a voice coming through saying, "Oh, untimely death." This stayed with the person being the last thing heard before arriving home. Later that day, the person was awoken by another sibling, who read to this person from an instruction book for a video game called Dracula's Castle, which mentioned one of the obstacles of the game was to pass through the "Tower of Untimely Death". A phone call came soon after, baring the tragic news of the untimely death of the distant sibling this person was trying to reach. Of course, this event had profound affects on the person experiencing this Synchronicity, realizing there is a portion of our psyche with the ability to receive messages in the most unusual ways; the Genius involved in the production of Synchronicities does not limit itself in material to use in getting our attention.

It is the Simple Mind that is willing to receive this type of communication, for the simple faith required relies on processes not fully understood, though undeniable in experience. Many will say these are simply coincidental experiences relying on nothing but chance. The reply would be this type of communications is not for this type of person, for it is better not to receive such things, than to receive and reject helpful guidance from within and above.

The following will be actual dreams demonstrating the value of the Individuation Process, that which leads to an individuated Self. The dream will be presented, then the practical implications of the dream for the individual involved.

A dream; a man is with his brother watching a vampire movie on the television. Soon, the man is in the movie in a way, and observes a young boy peeking over the edge of a huge wooden tub, like ones used for wine making with bear feet. Then, a man with a bloody butcher's apron walks in the room escorting what appears to be a senile, old vampire. The man with the apron leads the vampire into the tub, and sits him on a seat. Above the head of the vampire and the tub were slabs of raw meat. The man with the apron picks up an axe as he turns to look at the man having the dream saying, "He is like this because he had two co-pilots." After saying this single line the man in the apron swings the axe at the meat above the vampire's head. Blood pours out of the meat as the vampire opens its mouth to catch as much of the blood as he can. The dream becomes scratchy, like a scene from an old movie reel, and the dream ends.

Obviously, there is a lot going on in this short dream of personal revelation. First we will look at the symbol of the vampire, that appears twice; once in the movie being watched with the man's brother, the other being the old, senile vampire. The classical vampire is a character of the Shadow; eternal, powerful and mystifying, some would say sensual, as long as the flow of blood is maintained. Something of a tragic nature must have happened to the senile vampire; no longer mystical or eternal - he is growing old and barely alive. Not being able to fend for himself, he is reduced to receiving the blood of animals as opposed to people, and this only with assistance. The key to understanding the fate of the vampire is hidden the cryptic line spoken by the man with the apron; "He is like this because he had two co-pilots." Well, this line did not make any sense at first to the man who received it, but by contemplation he eventually understood the fate of the vampire, which would be his own fate if the issue remained unresolved; the two co-pilots were two women this man was involved with simultaneously. He was loosing his mind and soul as the two women pulled him to and fro, something he did not notice in his conscious life. He trusted in the Individuation Process to reveal things he could not gather on his own, and received the answer to his misery in the dream of the senile vampire.

What would be the purpose of the dream being delivered in cryptic messages and archetypal characters? Our conscious ego has an unusual knack for avoiding damaging evidence about its self at all costs. The power of the Individuation Process dreams is the way it sneaks up on the ego and blasts the protective walls to smithereens, revealing the truth of our conflicts despite our protective egos; much like the nature of the over-protective mother whose precious child can do no wrong.

A dream; A man approaches one of the entrances to his place of work, only to find a large orange blob placed on the lawn to the left of the entrance. Instinctively, this man knew he was to climb up upon this blob and attempt to shape it into something. As he pulled on different places of the blob he noticed it bent and held the new shape, like a type of clay. A strange noise would come from the blob as the man twisted and pulled on it, comparable to the sound of a synthesizer keyboard. After awhile, the man decided to climb off of the blob, leaving it before making it into any recognizable shape. He proceeded to enter his place of work, which led to a stairway going into the basement where he worked. There is a door leading to the stairway that was being held open by a man who was smiling, allowing the man to walk down the staircase. The dream ended. Everything in this dream was true to life, from the outside area of the workplace, to the staircase behind the door; yet, the orange blob was very unusual, out of place with its surroundings. The man was normal in the sense of looking like a man, yet it seems as his only purpose was to hold the door open for the dreamer, that led to the staircase going down to the basement. It turns out the man holding the door was a symbolic character of the Jungian therapist the man was seeing for the purpose of taking the Individuation Process journey. The orange blob represented his life, in deed of taking shape and thus making sense. This is why he felt comfortable climbing up on this strange structure, for in a way he was very familiar with it, and attempted to fix it with his conscious ability. This is why the surroundings were true to life and involving his place of work. As he attempted to shape it into something meaningful it made synthesizer type noises, symbolic of his desire to synthesize the different sporadic and inconsistent portions of his present life. After awhile he realized the shaping of the orange blob was not gong to work, so he climbed off and proceeded to start a typical work day, only to be greeted and assisted by the man holding the door. Symbolically too, the staircase was leading down into the depths of the man's unconscious psyche.

The significance of this dream; the man developed doubts about the Jungian therapy he was investing in, and decided to do his own psyche tweaking. The dream made him realize his need of professional assistance in this task. The revelation came from the Individuation process itself, communicating with the Simple Mind while in the dream realm. It was the intelligence of the ego that was attempting to halt the progress of the search for Self, and it was the childlike trust found in the man's unconsciousness that gave direction and revealed the folly of the conscious ego. Though, to give the conscious ego credit, it was willing to take heed of the warning of the sub consciousness, the gateway of communication between the finite being and the eternal Self.

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