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Do you know seven kinds of negative emotions lead to being short-lived

Dorothy Kennedy

First: hostility The hostility triggered anxiety and pessimism, which increase by 1% the risk of heart disease is increased by 6 percentage points. Because long time "hostility towards" will destroy the immune system of the male body, produce pressure on the heart, seriously can lead to heart damage. Solution: to practice mind, easy to work with others, know to help others to their own success. Second: Seasonal affective disorder A kind of emotional disease is known as "seasonal affective disorder" by physicians is due to changes in the weather. Especially in the winter, sunlight time is short, all things are bleak, this time, man is particularly sensitive to the environment and climate will appear symptoms of depression, extreme fatigue, drowsiness and greedy and have lost interest in everything, serious also cause the body's normal function decline. Solution: exercise and massage, refusing a single diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, to enjoy the sunshine and outdoor activities. And improve indoor natural light and fully enjoy the fun of winter, such as fire, books and music. Third: anger Eat more, B vitamins is related with the energy metabolism will be consumed much, and vitamin B1 deficiency will make people grumpy, forgetful. B3 deficiency is associated with anxiety, B6 deficiency resulted in the decline in thinking ability. In addition, eat more meat, the body's adrenaline levels will rise, more people are likely to anger. Solution: drink roses tea or hawthorn, moderately drink beer. Raw eating radish is the natural food ease anger. Fourth: sadness Analysis of the scientific point of view, the reason why people feel sad, the result is due to the long-term imbalance of amino acids in the body. In addition, if the lack of magnesium in the body is the grief potential causes of a man. The solution: concentrated soup, vitamin C will help suppress grief. In addition, to ensure that the types of food daily intake are no less than 20 types, the types of fruits and vegetables are not less than 5. Fifth: suspicious Suspicious make people spook, thus causing a loss of appetite and nutrition issues. The study found that: abstain from eating meat affects cell utilization of energy and disrupt brain tissue synthesis and release of the neurotransmitter, easier for suspicious aggravated. In the diet, medium-and long-term zinc deficiency may also cause mood swings and paranoia. Solution: appropriate to eat meat and marine products can improve mood. Occasionally people can eat a little snack can also make the mood good. Sixth: unhappy The lack of blood glucose can lead to depression. Besides, mercury poisoning is also the important reason leading to unhappy, such as the mushroom head, dry fungus may remain element mercury, enough to trigger a man's emotional disaster. Solution: add enough carbohydrates, and the best is cereals. Before edible mushroom fungus such dried vegetables, be sure to soak for 10 minutes or more, and repeatedly washed with running water. Seventh: fear Will men feel fear? Of course, and they are often in the fear, but they do not easily express something. In the event making men feel fear and anxiety, the biggest worry is in career development, the pressure caused by the work is the most harm to their health. Another thing man fear is loss of independence, and must rely on the care of others, when men's health appear problems, they are more fear than women. Solution: to communicate with friends and family, timely reduce pressure for yourself. If necessary, can ask the counselor for help. We hope you find thisWhat to Play information useful as you play your way through the game.

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