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The Entity Removal Prayer - Keeping Yourself Psychically Protected During Stressful Times

Whitneay T Vanwells

This short handout, is the result of over 6 years of spiritual healing research by Master Spiritual Healer, Whitneay T. Vanwells. Many people turn to drugs when depression comes to their door. There are often psychic disturbances, and entity influences, that cause anxiety and depression, influences that modern medicine is completely unaware of. Read this article, and learn more about how you can protect yourself, your family, and your consciousness during these times of great stress, and great change....This method works! The Leading SpiritTM - ENTITY REMOVAL PRAYER Many problems are caused by entity contamination. These include: depression, anxiety, fears, addictions, alcoholism, suicide, phobias, relationship difficulties, bad health, rage, hyperactivity, crabbiness, gambling, money problems, blocks on personal growth, and blocks on spiritual development. Entities can be removed. USE THIS HANDOUT DAILY. SIGNS OF ENTITIES: Feeling suddenly dizzy, or off balance for no apparent reason; depression, rage, edginess, anger, sadness, anxiety, sleeplessness, a new addiction, weird thoughts, or strange images that are not normal to you, voice change, and personality changes. Multiple Personalities is primarily from entity possession. Chronic health concerns can be caused by entities, and their dysfunctional energies. Over 90% of manic depression is entity related, as well as; outbursts, relationship problems, and addictions. If an entity was an alcoholic while in the physical body, they will still want to "drink" vicariously through a "host" that they attach to. 1. ENTITY REMOVAL PROCEDURES: You have had your entities removed during the NewSpirit Clearing. But more are easy to attract. It is as though we live in a fishbowl of unseen beings. If you work with people, go to the restaurant, or go shopping you are "Trolling for Entities." If you feel that you might have entities around you (they can jump from one person to the other), find a quiet place, if possible, and do the following. You do not have to say this out loud for it to work: Ask inwardly for your own Masters, Guides, and Angels to help you to remove the entities. Say the following, either silently or out loud: - "On all levels of my existence, clear me and Shield me, with the shield of the Holy Spirit. - Clear any karma that I might have with these beings, in this life or in past lives. Clear all cause, effect, record, and memory, clear and remove on all levels of my existence all: entities, Things, Its, gargoyles, mini-entities, cellular entities, lost Souls, devils, demons, satanics, whisps, creatures, E.T.'s, witches, witches familiars, warlocks, warlock familiars, sorcerers, imposters, black magicians, or their helpers. IF IT IS THE WILL OF GOD, CLEAR AND REMOVE, WHATEVER IT TAKES." This will remove regular entities, those that are resistant to leaving, and the very evil classes of entities, or demons. This method works! 2. REMOVING THEIR ENERGIES & THOUGHT FORMS (YOUR MUST COMPLETE 1 & 2): *You will still have their dysfunctional thought forms, and energies in your consciousness, after the entities are removed. To get clear, you need use both 1 & 2. Say the following: "If it is the will of God, Clear, vent, and remove on all levels of my existence, all: thought forms, dysfunctional energies, hooks, hates, addictions, fears, diseases, anxieties, curses, spells, incantations, hexes, summonings, symbols, and evokings, that they might have left. Clear all: calling cards, black magic, black magic lines, white magic, entity attachment points, entity energies, entity reproduction programs, eggs, cocoons, sperm, placentas, entity slag, entity trails, entity diseases, mini entities, entity halters, and all voo doo. Clear all: European black magic, India black magic, Kahuna, Aztec, Inca, Myan, Egyptian, Druid, Atlantean, Lemurian, Alien, Satanic, and Wicca black magic. Clear: black mirror energies, rebound curses, enchancements, death rays, disease rays, sleep rays, hypnotic rays, psychotronic rays, the evil eye, incantations, and spells; inter-planetary contamination and implants, black magic doorways, psychic contamination lines, opposition and contamination from all sources, black magic control lines, and control seeds. Leave only love energy, love thought forms, and love lines. Balance the ego and consciousness to accept these new changes, shield this work with the Holy Spirit, and Seal it with the Holy Spirit. Bless us in the Name Of God.” Use the short form below, after you use the above 2 methods, for one full week. "IF IT IS GOD’S WILL, CLEAR AND REMOVE, WHATEVER IT TAKES AND ALL OF THEIR PSYCHIC STUFF.” Most people have entities, and some are fully possessed. Entities can jump from person to person, can cause depression, and bad health. Use this method, and Clear yourself and your loved ones, daily. Share this handout with others. Updated 9/17/02. Copyright 2001-2002 - All Rights Reserved - Whitneay T. Vanwells

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