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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works. authors

Serge Joseph Grandbois

BRIEF BIO: Serge Joseph Grandbois is one of the most insightful and clear channelers to emerge in over 20 odd years. Serge speaks for an engaging, original and intelligent "Energy Personality Gestalt" called Kris. Together they have spoken in many North American cities. Whenever Kris speaks, he introduces the individual to his/her potentials, as well as outlining tools with which to lead more fulfilling lives. Kris' material is clear and concise, challenging conventions and clichés, addressing both the person's intellect and intuitions, awakening critical faculties and a sense of self-discovery. In the mid-80's, Serge was the Canadian Distributor/Rep as well as writer for "Metapsychology: a Journal of Discarnate Intelligence" produced by Tam Mossman (past Editor for the Jane Roberts and Seth books from Prentice-Hall). Shortly thereafter, Serge published "CHOICES: The Channeling Sourceletter". The latter portion of the 80's saw Serge and Kris speak at a great many conferences, especially Seth Conferences all over North America, as well as being a guest on many radio shows both in French and English in and around the Ottawa-Hull area, which he called home for 35 years. For most of the 90's, Serge stayed closer to home, working with many groups (both in French and English) on an ongoing basis, introducing Kris' perspectives to hundreds of people. In September 1993, Serge and Kris were invited to speak at The Rocky Mountain Seth Conference (now retired), an annual event that for 10 years drew hundreds of people each year, especially Jane Roberts/Seth fans. Serge and Kris also spoke at the new Colorado Seth Conference for September 2002 and 2003, held at the Iron Horse Resort Retreat, just a few miles from Aspen, Colorado. Serge is also a licensed NLP Practioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), as well as a Reiki Master and a Masseur, and a student of Tantra. Serge also practices and teaches "Taraa Energy Healing Touch", a most gentle, non-intrusive and powerful healing touch modality taught by Kris 7 years ago. This method of healing touch as now been incorporated in the practices of many Reiki healers and Masters with great success. Serge is also an Animal Communicator, with a major article on his Animal Communication work published on page A-1 (the front page) of The Sunday Citizen, in Ottawa, Canada, on January 5, 1997. Making Toronto home since 1998, Serge and Kris offer a diversity of seminars and courses such as "DreamCrafting: the study of dreams", "Reality By Design", "Taraa Energy Healing Touch", and more! Serge and his partner Mark have just released a brand new and much anticipated magazine called The Seth Journal ( They will soon be releasing a smaller newsletter-website called The Kris Chronicles, specifically to showcase material from Kris, demonstrating not only his vast font of knowledge, but also his innate ability to clearly explain even the most complex of issues, and at the same time still show his trademark compassion and wisdom, mixed in with his traditional wit, in case anyone gets bored. You can also visit for a vision statement from their source company.

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The Dream Frontier
Added 1/18/2004
Dreams - The Inner Frontier - article describes some ways to understand the relationship we have with our dreams.

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