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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works. authors

Rabbi Michael Ozair

Rabbi Michael Ozair has been providing spiritual guidance for the last 15 years to a very wide and diverse range of people. He is an ordained rabbi, a well sought after scholar in the area of Kabbalah, published author, and spiritual counselor. Michael's expertise stems from merging his knowledge as a teacher of metaphysics with his experience in practical counseling. He can be reached at [email protected] or by visiting his site at

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Spring Harvest - Birthing of New Energy Cycle
Added 4/1/2005
The following article is an exploration of the Spring holiday season and its spiritual implications. In it will be a unique perspective with a special emphasis on the importance of owning our dualities for the purpose of transcending them. The duality

"God-Walking" with Noah
Added 12/23/2004
Our Torah study covers relevant topics to the human journey in the light of Kabbalah and its metaphysical perspectives. Throughout our Biblical exploration of Noah, we will connect ancient articles of faith to contemporary concerns: our longing for trans

Understanding Life's Challenges through Abraham
Added 12/23/2004
Throughout our encouraging and passionate exploration of the text dealing with Abraham's Journey, we connect with our own wrestling with faith regarding contemporary concerns: our longing for transcendence, our desire for integrity, and our hope for inti

Bible and Kabbalah: Remaining Loyal to Your Journey
Added 12/23/2004
Spiritual Commentary on Lech Lecha, specifically the Biblical verse, "Leave your country, your kindred, and your father's house, and go to the land that I will show you." (Genesis 12:1). Throughout our encouraging and passionate exploration of the text,

Why We Choose Our Parents
Added 12/23/2004
The Kabbalah teaches that souls arrive here in this world with a very specific curriculum containing both many of both your goals and challenges. Your parents and the families you are born into are a big part of that program. Find out why...

Using Psalm 23 as Spiritual Affirmation
Added 12/23/2004
Spiritual affirmations are positive, statements of intention, that facilitate manifestation. This particular Biblical Psalm used as spiritual affirmation both protects us and connects us with our Higher Faith, and therefore our Higher Destiny. It has bee

Kabbalistic Chanukah: The Downloading of Primordial Light
Added 12/23/2004
Chanukah and the Downloading of Primordial Light A Kabbalastic Tour of History, with a Look into the Mystical Significance of the Number 36

Bible and Kabbalah: The Hardening of Pharoah's Heart
Added 12/23/2004
We have a big theological dillema regarding a Biblical verse that describes the "hardening" of Pharoah's heart by God. The problem is that if God was controlling Pharoah's heart, then Pharoah had no choice to do what he did and was therefore not really m

Beyond the River: Kabbalah's Guidance for Our Times
Added 12/23/2004
Humanity is in a vigorous phase of global challenge. The acceleration of time and the increased energy frequency on the planet are creating volatile change and rapid transformation, for others, it is being experienced as near psychological meltdown. Pres

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