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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works. authors

Philip Gardiner

Philip has been described variously as – the anti-Christ, the Devil incarnate, a seeker after truth, shocking, the most interesting interviewee ever, challenging, controversial, the new Salman Rushdie and was even banned from the United Arab Emirates. Philip was a Marketing Director and co-owner of a midlands marketing, design and print group, Phase, as well as co-owner of William Ernest Publishing Ltd. Now he is resigning from this position to put more time into research and writing from Sept 2005. He has worked in the printing and marketing industry the majority of his life as a Manager and Director of various firms including the Electricity board where he was involved in the strategic marketing of the products. As part of his role Philip regularly gave seminars to large organisations including Government regarding marketing and especially the history of propaganda. Philip has written extensively as a ghost writer for various products and services as well as having had his previous book "Proof" published in 1994 and 1998 by Hudson and Eco respectively. "Proof" was an investigation into the existence of God and was re-released in October 2002 (see or During the process of the launch of "Proof" Philip appeared on over 100 radio programmes across the country, from Scotland to the South of England, including the James Whale show and many debates with the religious establishment. He also had a programme produced in Scotland called Eikon, which was shown on national TV. He also toured the country extensively promoting the book with talks and seminars discussing the evidence he had uncovered. Philip has acted as an advisor to various other authors and radio programmes regarding mythology and history as well as having ghost written many articles for various magazines. In his book "The Shining Ones" (released 2002 – see "" ) he set about proving a theory regarding an ancient priesthood called The Shining Ones who developed into the worlds most powerful and ancient secret society. Philip uses history, etymology, archaeology, mythology, symbolism and his own expertise of propaganda to prove his theories. During the launch he appeared on over 180 radio programmes, several television programmes, hundreds of newspapers and magazines and is seen all over the international internet.. Gardiner was called by several of these articles “the next Graham Hancock.” The next stage in his work is The Serpent Grail, co-authored with Gary Osborn, which delves back in time to actually discover the most remarkable of secrets – the Holy Grail, the Philosophers Stone and the Elixir of life – as well as uncovering a world-wide cult that spawned the whole thing. The Serpent Grail will be released world-wide in Sept 2005 by Watkins Publishing. One television company called the book “The most important story on the planet.” Gardiner and Osborn are currently writing the script for a major television documentary about their discoveries. Following this Gardiner and Osborn have uncovered yet further secrets, which will simply amaze the world. They will reveal a secret chamber in the Great Pyramid, the truth about Ley Lines the world over, the hidden secret of the world’s Royalty, answers to all paranormal phenomena and much more.

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Ancient Root
Added 3/30/2005
Ritual has always been an important part of man's worship and takes many forms ranging from ancient fertility rites to the communion of the Catholic Church. Whether in an attempt to reach up to god or connect to the Earth, the dramatisation in ritual of

Heavenly Bodies
Added 3/30/2005
The Bible says that 'Christ is all and in all'. Did the early Christians and Gnostics understand man's relationship with the hidden forces of the larger universe? The questions of whether early man understood and utilised the effects of cyclic pa

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