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Christoph Streicher

Aromatherapy Expert Dr. Christoph Streicher, founder of Amrita Aromatherapy, was mentored by France's world-renowned Jacques Paltz, a foremost authority on using essential oils for both healing and personal skin care. Dr. Streicher also studied with a number of well-known Indian Ayurvedic physicians, learning the time-tested therapeutic use of essential oils for increasing vitality and balance. Dr. Christoph Streicher has mastered phyto-aromatherapy with a master's degree in Biochemistry and Ph.D. in Physiology where he focused on the relationship of plant life to human consciousness. He has studied both western physiology and Ayurveda - the 5,000 year-old Vedic medical science that regards physiological balance as the basis for perfect health. Becoming quickly aware that most essential oils on the market are in some way denatured, Amrita's aromatherapy expert Christoph, envisioned Amrita as a trustworthy source of nature's pure and true aromatherapy essential oils. Dr. Streicher consistently upholds this vision each and every time he sources an essential oil. Amrita now carries an extensive line of high quality and therapeutic grade aromatherapy products. Amrita imports oils directly from growers and distillers all over the globe to supply high quality and therapeutic grade aromatherapy products in the US and internationally.

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What is Aromatherapy?
Added 11/11/2005
Aromatherapy is the art and science of using botanical essential oils to create and maintain physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well being.

What are Hydrosols?
Added 11/11/2005
Steam distillation of aromatic plants results in two complementary products - the essential oil and the hydrosol (or hydrolate). During the distillation process the ascending steam dissolves the essential oil contained in the plant, temporarily associati

What are Essential Oils?
Added 11/11/2005
What are essential oils? - Essential oils are not the same as the edible fatty oils made from nuts and vegetables which we use in cooking and for massage. In a chemical sense essential oils are not really oils, at all.

Beginnings of Aromatherapy
Added 11/11/2005
Since the beginning of human history man has been using herbs for healing. The Rig Veda, one of the oldest human records, written more than 5000 years ago, talks of the healing power of herbs. Several follow up volumes comprise the textbooks of Ayur Veda

Safety and Storage of Essential Oils
Added 11/11/2005
Safety Essential oils are safe to use, pleasurable and very beneficial as long as a few common sense precautions are followed:

Purity Standards of Amrita Essential Oils
Added 11/11/2005
Botanical purity is the only the first step in sourcing Amrita essential oils. At Amrita, gas chromatographic analysis with chiral columns is used, as the most reliable tool for selecting only oils that are 100% from the botanical species indicated.

Interview with Christoph Streicher
Added 11/11/2005
Aromatherapy products are so popular these days that you can find them on the shelves of your corner drugstore. But chances are, the oil that's labeled "Lavender" and smells like Lavender may not come from the Lavender plant at all.

How to Use Essential Oils
Added 11/11/2005
Because essential oils evaporate easily they can be dispersed or diffused, into the air. Diffuse essential oils to create a mood, to kill air born germs and viruses, to treat colds and coughs, to fall asleep at night, or to increase clear thinking and me

How to Read an Essential Oil Label
Added 11/11/2005
A supplier of good quality essential oils will include information about the source of the oil on the essential oil label.

How to Blend Essential Oils
Added 11/11/2005
Creating an aromatherapy blend - is an art and science Combining essential oils with complimentary properties creates a synergy, enhancing the therapeutic effect. It is an art to pick out oils that smell good together and combine them in a pleasing wa

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1-10 of 15 articles

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