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Janet Wood

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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works. authors

Gerald O'Donnell

Internationally renowned Gerald O'Donnell, B.Sc. in Mathematics, M.Sc. in Computer Science,and an MBA, former intelligence agency Remote Viewer, founder of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing ( ARVARI ), has been a visionary in mind/consciousness research. He is now dedicating his life to skillfully inspiring and guiding students through healing and empowering meditations on Oneness, to access incredibly high levels of creative energy, which allow for the rapid manifestation of desires based upon one's thoughts.

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New Year 2009 Message
Added 1/2/2009
Happy New Year 2009 THE YEAR OF ONE For the ones who want to understand what is really happening today and prepare... The Shock of the Tsunami of Love A New Creation When Nothing will EVER be the Same Again...

From The One To The Many: Happy 2008
Added 1/3/2008
From the Silent One who forms the many that IS (not are, for that is impossible) but One: To the many - HAPPY 2008

The Remote Viewing Archives
Added 6/25/2007
History of Remote Viewing

The Real Secrets of Remote Viewing
Added 6/18/2007
Core Explanation of Remote Viewing. The mysteries of the location of the Universal Mind (Collective Intelligence).

Back To Oneness : " The Piece de Resistance" The Real, Painful to Hear, and all Liberating One Truth
Added 6/17/2007
Man's life is not a trip about powers, inborn-talents, but a trip in awareness. The key is BELIEF. You are exactly what you believe that you are.

The Final Embrace-Death and Rebirth into the One-Rebalancing the One Unified Field
Added 5/7/2007
In the time of our exile from our inner Divine Self we thought that we could not be the Divine Savior, that only one Savior could have been or be it. We waited for It on the outside, and the pain of separation became evermore greater.

City of Peace - East Meets West. The Dream of the Spiritual Is-Ra-El
Added 4/28/2007
The hope is that the battling children of Abraham will reunite and see themselves as the brothers they really are, originating all from the same Soul, and that this unity will then pervade the rest of the One soul, the One mind, operating as Mankind.

The City of One (Part II)
Added 4/20/2007
One is not a name, but expresses the IDEA that God is the same for all and is One, and that we are within that Oneness, whether we recognize it or not.

The City of One (Part I)
Added 4/20/2007
In order for the final revelation to happen, this message is offered as a test to mankind. It is highly hoped that mankind and its leaders will open their hearts to such a glorious, natural, and easy redemption from separation.

Out of The Matrix
Added 3/11/2007
The Universal Mind (The IS: Eternal Intelligence-Awareness) always tries to teach its entities of thought about Its reality and their purpose, through the medium of creative inspiration.

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1-10 of 16 articles

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