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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works. authors

Gary Smith

Who is Gary Smith, founder of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques? Gary Smith is a man who was born in the 1930's who "Walks His Talk". Gary currently lives on the Oregon coast by himself, spending a minimum of 8 hours each day in prayer and meditation. Gary began his spiritual journey upon learning Transcendental Meditation in 1968. He personally received his teaching certification from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1972 and was invited to join Maharishi's personal staff. Gary left TM in 1980 and began a 15 year spiritual odyssey in his path to Enlightenment. He used many spiritual techniques and methods over the years. He was in Tibetan Buddhism, Mystic Christianity, Taoism, Sufism, Hinduism and spent 2 weeks in the Sonoran desert on a fast and vision quest with a Cherokee shaman, a Papago shaman and a Yaqui shaman. Gary is also a Certified Public Accountant who worked internationally with several global corporations. He started off as a technical engineer in rocket propulsion systems in the 1950's where he did some work on the prototypes of today's shuttle rocket engines. He then returned to college and obtained a business degree and his CPA certification in the 1960's. Gary has lived in Hollywood, CA, Boise, ID, many locations in Oregon and spent a year managing a supermarket on Eastern Samoa in the South Pacific. In 1995, after partially remembering his background and how he came here, he walked to a nearby bookstore where a book fell on his head starting many spiritual adventures. Two months later a sales clerk recommended his renting a video. The video was of Drunvalo Melchizedek and this is how he re-learned the Basic Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Activation. Upon learning that advanced activations were available only to those who attended a Basic FOL workshop, Gary went to an FOL workshop. However, he was told Drunvalo stopped teaching Advanced activations. Then Alton, one of Drunvalo's students came and taught Gary 3 more merkaba activations in May, 1996. Just like after he attended the 1995 Basic FOL workshop, Gary immediately received different merkaba techniques from Lord Melchizedek after he attended Alton's workshop. Lord Melchizedek told Gary to do many more chakra cleanses, more activations of pranic energy centers, 8 more Merkabas, to use more powerful activation tones, etc. And so it was that Lord Melchizedek continued to give Gary both modifications and new techniques for years. Then, one evening in 1997, after Alton had stopped teaching the activations of 4 merkabas, and while Gary was Chief Financial Officer for an Oregon corporation, Lord Melchizedek, Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael appeared in his home. They manifested into his meditation room and requested that he drop everything else in his life, to travel and teach the "Sacred Merkaba Techniques" which he had been taught by the three of them. After they appeared 3 days in a row with the same request, Gary walked into the corporate president's office and shortly thereafter he drove off on a 7 week, 13,000 mile spiritual odyssey teaching 26 workshops in 14 cities. Many Blessons, (there are no blessings or lessons, only Blessons), unfolded for Gary during the trip. There was a special initiation performed by Lord Melchizedek who manifested in his Phoenix, AZ motel room. On the east coast, Gary healed a deaf woman. He commented on how tears flowed from her face when she suddenly heard a voice for the first time. Tears gushed forth when she heard Gary tell her she was healed and could get up. But it was in Chicago where Gary received his trial by fire. On Saturday night in the middle of his 2 day workshop, Gary was attacked psychically on two fronts, one was technological and near by. The other was a more powerful attack by a Satan some distance away but still within the city. (See article on Melchizedeks for more information on the Satans.) The attack began at 10:30 pm and did not stop until 4:30 am. Afterwards while Gary was getting some breakfast an hour or so l

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Free Ancient Alchemical Formula For Healing
Added 3/15/2003
A 2,000 year old formula for miraculous "Healing Waters" is available for those who wish to receive it!

Shiva and Krishna - The Ascension of the Blue Race
Added 1/31/2003
The history of Shiva, Krishna and the ascension of the blue race.

Going Beyond Reiki with Dr Usui's Approval
Added 1/31/2003
It is time to move beyond Reiki because the energies of Reiki have lost their purity.

A Love Meditation
Added 1/31/2003
A Love Meditation for everyone.

Jesus Christ - The Real Story, Not The
Added 1/31/2003
The real story of Jesus the Christ.

Christ's Gifts That Survived The Roman Church
Added 1/31/2003
An eye opening explanation of the history of the Christian religion.

Ascending Beyond Enlightenment
Added 1/31/2003
It usually takes many lifetimes to attain the radiance of Enlightenment and Ascend to the higher dimensional levels of Creation. It is now possible to quickly return to God, for new and very sacred techniques are being made available to those people who

KARMA - What It Is & Why We Have It and How To Easily Remove It
Added 1/31/2003
Karma can be summed up in 14 words. "In Life, there are no rewards, there are no punishments, there are only consequences".

Unconditional Love - The Full Description
Added 1/31/2003
Few people have "True Knowledge" of what it means to give Unconditional Love to another person. Love can best be understood by realizing that what Albert Einstein sought to finish his Unified Field Theory, was Love.

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