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 Brain Lightning

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 Biochemist, Joe Young, Arizona

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Brain Lightning™ was designed from the ground up to support the Neurological AND Endocrine Systems! Only the 100% Purest Grade and Purest  NATURAL INGREDIENTS are used!

The advantages of improved memory, increased focus,  better concentration are obvious! For meditators and people interested in lucid dreaming or spiritual enlightenment, Brain Lightning can help open up whole new worlds to explore and discover. 

Enhances Blood Flow to the Brain and reduces Cell Death!!!

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Brain Lightning has been featured at the International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Biomedical Technologies

The American College for the Advancement of Medicine

The National Health Federation

Brain Lightning™ has been featured on The Discovery Channel, Bravo Network, Oxygen Network, PAX Television and The Health Network.

Brain Lightning™ is the Ultimate Anti-Aging 21st Century Brain Supplement!

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So what are the Major benefits of Brain Lightning™? What can it REALLY Do?

Let's start getting specific on how Brain Lightning can improve everything about the way you feel, think and live!

Scientific research in the past 20 years has made remarkable advances in understanding the brain and other systems in the body.

Brain Lightning was designed from the beginning to be the ULTIMATE BRAIN FORMULA for higher performance and anti-aging!

Brain Lightning Bottle

The results are AMAZING!

  • Improvement of mental and Intellectual function

  • Enhances blood flow to the brain, reducing cell death

  • Improved Visual Capability

  • Better Short-Term and Long-Term Memory

  • Enhanced Concentration and better focus

  • Promotes the growth of nerve dendrites within the brain

  • Experience increased energy and less fatigue

  • Promotes a protective environment and healthy energized brain cells

  • Promotes an increased neural information flow

  • Helps prevent cognitive deterioration from aging

  • Promotes faster thinking and more accurate thought processes

  • Helps stabilize your mood and promote a general state of well-being

  • Counteracts stress and emotional depression

  • Alleviates symptoms related to glaucoma and improves vision

  • Helps increase norepinephrine, noradrenyline, AND serotonine levels

  • Improves glucose utilization in the brain

  • Increases oxygen capture and use by hypoxic neurons

  • Inhibits phosphodiesterase activity

  • Reduces platelet aggregation and improves cell deformability

  • Helps counteract cortisol levels that can cause damage to the brain

  • Helps scavenge free radicals in the brain

  • Promotes normal transmission of nerve impulses


*The above are statements based on scientific and medical knowledge relative to structure and function of components, which the FDA has not chosen to evaluate. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

It's absolutely THE BEST product to maximize the unlimited potential of your mind!


More Major Neural Ingredients than ANY other product...

No product comes close to providing the mind blowing power of Brain Lightning!

21st Century Neural Supplement
DMAE - Reduction of Anxiety and hyperactivity, precursor to Acetycholine, increase in intellectual capacity, learning ability, sensory functions, reduction of hyperactivity and anxiety, mood stabilization.
Vinpocetine from Europe - Increases cerebral blood flow, increases production of ATP for cellular energy, increases use of oxygen and glucose in brain cells, raises serotonin level in the brain and neural information processing rate, dramatic increase in memory functions.
Huperzine A - 60 mcg -100% Natural Molecular Alkaloid from Asia. Protects brain cells against glutamate-induced excitotoxicity, inhibits ACHe, and lowers liver toxicity. Huperzine A actually promotes the growth of nerve dendrites!
Pregneolone - Cumulative anti-stress, anti-aging and anti-fatigue effects for the brain. Improves spatial memory, verbal recall, precursor to all steroid hormones, lowers excessive GABA activity, promotes body de-toxification processes, and more.  Synthetic - not animal-derived. 
Trimethylglycine - Lowers homocysteine levels, stops DNA replication error, functions as a precursor for the formation of SAMe, a critical factor in biochemical reactions.
L-Tyrosine - Prevents reduction of noropinephrine levels associated with stress, associated with a reduction in emotional depression, functions as a precursor to Thyroxine (primary thyroid hormone), as well as adrenaline and noradrenaline. 
  • Precursor to norepinephrine and dopamine
  • Non-essential amino acid (since PA is converted into it first)
  • Has been studied as an effective aid to cocaine withdrawal
  • Do not use L-phenylalanine or L-tyrosine if you are using MAO inhibitors for depression (it can cause a major elevation in blood pressure).

D,L, PHENYLALANINE (DLPA)  - Blocks breakdown of enkephalins, aids in depression, precursor for Tyrosine, promotes mental alertness, elevates mood, and more.

GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) - Aids in production of relaxed mental state, prevents neural overload conditions. Balanced by Pregnenolone, which blocks excessive GABA activity.
GINGKO BILOBA - Improves blood flow to the brain and subsequent oxygenation of brain cells, promotion of cellular metabolism, increases cellular glucose utilization, and more.

... If you want your brain operating at  MAXIMUM performance, you need to give Brain Lightning™ a try!

Brain Lightning™ has unparalleled Vitamin and Mineral Synergistic Support

Nutritional supplements that are usually offered to the population are single-nutrients, although there are a couple of combined nutrients on the market. Many of these combined products have components that are biologically mismatched and do not function well together, and most often lack other specific substances that extensive research has shown must be present for other nutrients work effectively, and together, to create a balanced condition that is useful.

Brain Lightning™ is the most advanced neural supplementation product available. Its proprietary synergistic formula is finely tuned to achieve the maximum neurophysiological benefit. It far outweighs the capability of any other formula on the planet.

Vitamin E, natural, (d-alpha tocopherol)   Essential for neural memory functions.  The natural Vitamin E may also play a role in delaying Alzheimers.  Anti-oxidant functions.

B Vitamins are essential nutrients for mental health, with deficiencies potentially manifesting as psychosis and cognitive impairment.3 The psychotic personality disorder known as Korsakoff's syndrome, for example, is a consequence of thiamin (vitamin B1) deficiency. Niacin (vitamin B3) deficiency is associated with delirium, dementia, and memory deficits. Vitamin B6 helps transform amino acids into monoamines, an important group of neurotransmitters. Hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills deplete vitamin B6, and many hormone-induced mental or emotional disturbances may be improved with B6 supplementation. Abnormally low levels of vitamin B12 are associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Vitamin B-1 ( Thiamin) Promotes health in nerve cells, the brain and the heart by promoting neural metabolism processes.

Vitamin B-3 (Niacin, non-flushing, as niacinamide) Enhances utilization of GABA. Reduces plasma fibrinogen and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. 

Vitamin B-5  (Pantothenic Acid) Promotes synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters.

Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine 5- Phosphate) Enhances utilization of  Phenylaline and GABA components. Deficiency may cause depression.

Vitamin B-12 (as Methylcobalamine) Promotes nervous system function and DNA synthesis.   Deficiency may cause depression.  Cyanocobalamin replaced with even more bioeffective Methylcobalamine. (July 2001) The Methyl form is the only form immediately usable by the central nervous system.  Try and find the methyl form in any other product! 

Magnesium  Reduces neuromotor impairment and deficit. Anti-aging capabilties. Aids in the transmission of nerve impulses.

Zinc  (as Amino Acid Chelate) Essential for maintaining ionic channels and cognitive function. The presence of Zinc aids in the production of over 300 enzymes, many of them in the brain.

Manganese (as Manganese Chelate) Trace amounts needed for brain and nerve function, and necessary for the absorption of Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin E.

Selenium (as Organic Selenomethionine) Important for Thyroid function. Anti-oxidant. Prevents breakdown of Vitamin E.   Amino Acid Chelate form replaced with even more effective Organic Selenomethionine (July 2001) Selenomethionine is a natural mineral that acts as a catalyst to speed up and intensify the action of primary anti-oxidants (Vitamins A, C, & E). It is a component of Glutathione and does not exist in sufficient quantities in our daily diets. Selenium is a trace mineral used by the body to form one of its most important antioxidant enzymes, glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme is most active in the liver. Glutathione peroxidase concentrates in the heart muscle and skeletal muscles. This enzyme helps destroy the peroxide radical before it can attack the cellular membrane which surrounds and protects the cell. Selenium is also believed to enhance the effectiveness of Vitamin E, another antioxidant nutrient. Selenium, bound to the amino acid methionine as L-selenomethionine, can be incorporated into tissue proteins without further metabolic change.


How do you KNOW Brain Lightning REALLY WORKS? Read what actual Brain Lightning Customers have to Say about this Amazing Product!

"I really enjoyed our conversation about 10 days ago. I just wanted to say that I am REALLY enjoying your wonderful product- Brain Lightning. It is great! For me, it brings a balance, a pleasurable feeling, a feeling of being connected on different levels of who I truly am. I want to say a Special Thank You for this super product. Thank you so very much for all your time and attention, and your great help to those who want better health and Being. Have a great Day."


Bill Kinchen  January 2002

"I have been using Brain Lightning for about eight months now, using about three each day. I seem to get a real boost in concentration during the day that really assists me in my work. It seems to extend my ability to maintain mental clarity for longer periods, which is something that any physician would value highly."

H. Limmer, M.D

"I recently started using Brain Lightning so that I could see what it could do for me. I am an accountant here in Hong Kong, and my work is rather complex at times. After a couple of days, I found that I had a lot more mental energy and clarity than I have experienced in years. Everything seems to be improving, including my vision. My wife has also started taking it regularly, especially after she found that her memory improved significantly. I am introducing the product to all my relatives over here. Thanks for creating a most wonderful product!"

K.C Wong
Accountant, Hong Kong, China

"Thank you for this product. I went out and began to price what it would take to put something like this product together from off-the-shelf single components. By the time I was half way through the list, I had spent $150, and I had not even gotten to the prime ingredients yet! It's pretty clear to me that you have done a masterful job in providing this product, with all its natural ingredients, for $69.95 per bottle, and with such a high performance result."

R.L., Nutritionist, Los Angeles, California

"I've been using Brain Lightning for nearly 3 months now, and I love it. I  feel a sense of mental clarity and alertness, even working a night shift! 

Thanks for a great product!"

L. Leslie
Westcliffe, CO

"A few months ago I found myself losing concentration, focus and ability to remember. I could not keep focus on a subject and found myself drifting away from conversations and reality. At 34 I never though this could happen to me.

A friend of mine must have seen it in my eyes and recommended Brain Lightning. I took his advice and immediately felt the difference. My focus, concentration and memory are back. During a vacation trip to Florida I stayed at an aunt's; she is 70 and had problems remembering what she was going to say. Having had the experience I suggested she could take two things, one that would give her more energy, the second was Brain Lightning. I did not make any explanation of what it was, as I was endeavoring to see the results it had on this most beautiful and loving lady. During the following days I noticed she was not saying: "What was I going to say??? and I asked how she felt. She looked at me and with a great smile said: 

"Now that you mentioned it, I have not felt this clear in years.  I haven't had to struggle to remember anything. What ever you are giving me is truly a gift... I feel so good that I'm thinking of going back to work!"


Rainier, WA 

"I am very pleased to report that after only 1 1/2 weeks of using Brain Lightning™, I am already seeing noticeable benefits.

Due to a severe head injury, I have been getting strong headaches every day and tingling in the trauma centers of my head. However, since using Brain Lightning™, I now have no more tingling in the trauma areas of my head and the headaches have gotten much lighter. I even experienced 2 headache-free days last week. I also noticed that my thought processes are now consistently clearer and more focused.

Overall, I am enjoying a better sense of mental activity. Thank you for Brain Lightning™."

J. Ortega,
Business Owner

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*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Suggested Use: As a dietary neurological supplement, take three (3) capsules daily to achieve the optimum neurophysiological effect. Take on empty stomach or between meals, followed by two glasses of water. Dosage may be increased or decreased to achieve desired result.

Contraindications: This product is NOT intended for children, people with PKU (phenylketonuria), or pregnant/lactating women. If you have high blood pressure, hemophilia, heart problems, pre-existing pigmented malignant melanoma, migraine headaches, or are taking blood thinning medication or other prescription drugs, use only under the guidance of a physician. Do NOT take this formulation with MAO inhibitor anti-depressants. Persons with circulatory or blood pressure concerns may begin with 1 vegi-capsule 3x per day and consult your health professional about use.