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Brain Lightning™ Testimonials

Dear Novus Research,

I really enjoyed our conversation about 10 days ago. I just wanted to say that I am "really" enjoying your wonderful product- Brain Lightning. It is great! For me, it brings a balance, a pleasurable feeling, a feeling of being connected on different levels of whom I truly am. I want to say a Special Thank You for this super product. Thank you so very much for all your time and attention, and your great help to those who want better health and Being. Have a great Day.


Bill Kinchen  January 2002

I have been using Brain Lightning for about eight months now, using about three each day. I seem to get a real boost in concentration during the day that really assists me in my work. It seems to extend my ability to maintain mental clarity for longer periods, which is something that any physician would value highly.

H. Limmer, M.D.

I just turned 44, and I thought about Brain Lightning the other day and said to myself "this stuff has given me a whole second life!" The most dramatic effects more or less came at the beginning. Now that I have been using it for a while, it just keeps me on a plateau. The most dramatic effect for me was the incredible increase in auditory sensitivity. It increased my hearing ability, which is important to me, because I use a lot of music for meditation. It really has "opened up" my meditation in that way - the more sensitive I became, the deeper into meditation I would go. It becomes more intense. It also helps with my mental focus. My clarity of thought is definitely heightened continuously right now. I can definitely read much better. I'm definitely better off then before I discovered Brain Lightning.

Brain Lightning has proven to be of value in other situations. I recently went through a death in the family and I had traces of depression that I just couldn't seem to shake. Now, after using Brain Lightning for a couple months, I feel total emotional stability - I am totally calm. The effect it has on my memory has been astounding. I can tell the difference from the way I was several months ago. Brain Lightning has had a major positive effect on my life. I have tried some things before, but this is the best overall nutritional supplement I have ever used in twenty years. Brain Lightning is helping me actually be able to use all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated throughout my life because it has helped rejuvenate my brain and perception. Now, with Brain Lightning, I'm getting the benefits of being older while at the same time working to counteract the detrimental aspects that go with aging. Out of all the time I have spent searching and researching in the Internet, my discovery of Brain Lightning is probably one of the most significant finds … it makes it all worthwhile. 

J.G., Boca Raton, Florida

“I am a facility operations engineer living in the San Francisco area. I started using Brain Lightning when I began studying for my California General Contractor’s License Exam, because I felt that it would help me retain the material. After I began taking Brain Lightning, I found that it helped me remember the questions, but I also excelled way beyond anyone else in the class in the sheer volume of material I was able to process. All of this was very unexpected, because normally I have difficulty with concentration in school settings. After taking the product for about a month or so, during the process of studying for this exam, I found I was able to easily answer 500 questions in two hours, whereas when I started it would take me about an hour to get through 100 questions. I couldn’t believe that I ended up finishing and passing a 5-hour test in 2 hours, missing only a couple answers.

In addition, I found that after I had been using Brain Lighting for a while, I began to read a lot more, and I actually found myself wanting to read more information from a greater variety of subject matter. I found myself getting into and completing material that I was interested in before, but “never seemed to have the time” to get around to it. I used to read about 30 or 40 minutes and then I would get sleepy. With Brain Lightning, I found that I began to read for hours a lot of material that I would not have ordinarily been able to absorb. I found that I was able to hold and retain material for a lot longer. My level of comprehension also seemed to rise. The whole spectrum of personal time management became more successful, as well.

In terms of daily life, I found that after taking Brain Lightning for a week or so, situations that would have been normally stressful for me were no longer stressful at all. It became almost amusing to me to watch people have stress over situations that I no longer felt were stress producing.  Brain Lightning seemed to make it easier to negotiate through what would normally be difficult situations. It even seems to enhance my intuitive capabilities, and helps me more clearly define what’s mine and what’s not.

I initially used Brain Lightning for about three months, during which these exams and other challenges occurred. I believe that if I had not been taking the Brain Lightning, it would have been much more of a struggle and a lot more stressful for me. Now, I use it periodically, depending on what it going on in my life. For example, I bought some again just recently because I just changed jobs, and I want to be sharp and on top of my game with these new people. I took a light regimen of Brain Lightning for a couple weeks prior to the job switch. I also noticed that since I began using the product, I haven’t gotten my usual rash of colds and flu-type conditions that everyone around me is getting three or four times a year. I found that it’s best to follow the directions precisely, and take a little non-protein food, like a banana, with the Brain Lightning, as mentioned on the bottle, otherwise you might feel hungry.

Since I have what I consider to be a sensitive system, I take just one in the morning before I leave the house, and then I will take another after I have been at work for a couple hours. That usually keeps me mentally “on top” for the entire day.  For me, three tabs a day, separated throughout the day is usually what works. For others, it might be different.  Brain Lightning is quite unusual, and seems to assist me in achieving more emotional stability and nervous system stability. I have a hypersensitive nervous system, and I have trouble “grounding” sometimes. I discovered that Brain Lightning assists in the process of getting “grounded”. What can I say? Brain Lightning is a good product, and it has helped on all levels of my human experience.”

K. O.
Facilities Engineer, San Francisco, California

I recently started using Brain Lightning so that I could see what it could do for me. I am an accountant here in Hong Kong, and my work is rather complex at times. After a couple of days, I found that I had a lot more mental energy and clarity than I have experienced in years. Everything seems to be improving, including my vision. My wife has also started taking it regularly, especially after she found that her memory improved significantly. I am introducing the product to all my relatives over here. Thanks for creating a most wonderful product!

K.C Wong
Accountant, Hong Kong, China

"Thank you for this product. I went out and began to price what it would take to put something like this product together from off-the-shelf single components. By the time I was half way through the list, I had spent $150, and I had not even gotten to the prime ingredients yet! It's pretty clear to me that you have done a masterful job in providing this product, with all its natural ingredients, for $69.95 per bottle, and with such a high performance result."

R.L., Nutritionist, Los Angeles, California

My wife and I want to thank you for your product "Brain Lightning."  It has made such a dramatic improvement in so many ways, that we had to let you know! Susie was involved in a tragic car accident twelve years ago and it's a  miracle she survived. However she is in a wheelchair with limited  use of her left side and has some brain damage. Thanks to "Brain Lightning" her reflexes are quicker, (she can actually catch things as they are falling). Her hearing is excellent, vision is good, and her ability to solve problems  on her   own is truly amazing.  Susie's disposition is so much better and even the facial tic, that was so noticeable before, is gone.  It's wonderful to see her smile and hear her laugh with friends and family. Believe me when I tell you that "Brain Lightning" has truly made a difference in our lives.  Since Susie can do more for herself and her self confidence has gotten better, it makes my life easier also.'

So again, thank you so much for your product and all it has done for us.


Lyn and Susie Goodbar,
Crockett, California

P.S. Susie's even started taking a Karate class for the exercise.

I have to say that Brain Lightning is the most amazing product I have ever seen. My father, who is 79 years old, has had Alzheimer's since 1992, and he grew worse as the years went by.

His condition was so bad that he could not feed himself, he had poor coordination, he was shaking a lot, he didn't know where he was most of the time, couldn't remember anything and couldn't even make a coherent sentence. Earlier this year, his doctor diagnosed him with Advanced Alzheimer's and sent him home with no medications since they thought that his case was incurable.

I started him on Brain Lightning in April 2000, and within three or four days he began to change, and with no side effects! By the fourth day, he was able to put words together and make comprehensible sentences! His shaking and stuttering decreased a lot and his memory has returned.

My sister visits us on the weekends, and when she came over about a week after he started with Brain Lightning, she couldn't believe the difference in him - he was actually making sense when he talked and he was able to feed himself using a fork! This was amazing to see since he hadn't been able to do either of these things for a long time now.

Brain Lightning has really been a miracle for him. His memory, comprehension level, and awareness of himself and his environment has improved so much that he now asks for help and he no longer wanders into the neighbor's yard in his underwear. Now, we also can have a real conversation with him.

Since Alzheimers runs in the family, my sister and I want to begin taking Brain Lightning too. I have always been into nutritional health and I have tried many things for my father, but nothing ever worked. I am so thankful - you have given my family back to me! Keep up the great work!

Many thanks,

Jim Godsey, Musician
San Antonio, Texas

I've been using Brain Lightning for nearly 3 months now, and I love it. I  feel a sense of mental clarity and alertness, even working a night shift! 

Thanks for a great product!
L. Leslie
Westcliffe, CO

A few months ago I found myself losing concentration, focus and ability to remember. I could not keep focus on a subject and found myself drifting away from conversations and reality. At 34 I never though this could happen to me.

A friend of mine must have seen it in my eyes and recommended Brain Lightning. I took his advise and immediately felt the difference, my focus, concentration and memory are back. During a vacation trip to Florida I stayed at an aunt's, she is 70 and had problems remembering what she was going to say. Having had the experience I suggested she could take two things, one that would give her more energy, the second was Brain Lightning. I did not make any explanation of what it was, as I was endeavoring to see the results it had on this most beautiful and loving lady. During the following days I noticed she was not saying: "What was I going to say??? and I asked how she felt. She looked at me and with a great smile said: 

"Now that you mentioned it, I have not felt this clear in years.  I haven't had to struggle to remember anything. What ever you are giving me is truly a gift... I feel so good that I'm thinking of going back to work!"


Rainier, WA 

I am a Jamaican researcher/developer and trainer of modern mental training methodologies. Currently I live in Austria where I teach brain training methods to business executives and school children.

I have begun to test Brain Lightning™ with my Thinkfast game. There is a clear indication that I am performing much faster and more efficiently. There is a significant change in my "working memory capacity" scores. Without some background knowledge and experience of the game, this might not say much to  you, but previously my 'working memory capacity' scores averaged 150. Now I  have begun to average 230. In fact yesterday I was in such a "zoned in" Brain Lightning™ space that I was able to break a personal record in the game. I have achieved brain master +5 !!!. Looking forward to brainmaster six soon.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed to combine the integrity of  documentation with an outstanding product.

Best Regards,
D. Holness
Brain Training Specialist

I am very pleased to report that after only 1 1/2 weeks of using Brain Lightning™, I am already seeing noticeable benefits.

Due to a severe head injury, I have been getting strong headaches every day and tingling in the trauma centers of my head. However, since using Brain Lightning™, I now have no more tingling in the trauma areas of my head and the headaches have gotten much lighter. I even experienced 2 headache-free days last week. I also noticed that my thought processes are now consistently clearer and more focused.

Overall, I am enjoying a better sense of mental activity. Thank you for Brain Lightning™.

J. Ortega,
 Business Owner

Send me more Brain Lightning™ - it definitely works well!

I work a lot with numbers and my schedule is very intense and rigorous. I often work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, so I’m usually fatigued and brain drained, but I can’t afford to make mistakes at what I do.

I’ve tried many other supplements but none has given me the results like Brain Lightning™ has. With Brain Lightning, my thinking is sharper, my brain has more pep, and I’m more alert.

I’m very happy with Brain Lightning™!   I plan on using Brain Lightning™ as part of my daily supplement, so I’m looking forward to the anti-aging effects.

Respectfully Yours,
A. Mygasiuk
Probability Analyst

I've been taking Brain Lightning  every day for 1.5 weeks now and have been VERY impressed with the results. Among other things, I have not had any mood swings, but have been in a very 'up' mood since starting with Brain Lightning. I find this very significant. Also, I've found other of my abilities heightened and increased. I would recommend Brain Lightningto anyone. It is something that must be experienced. The experience is the key. Once tried, you never want to return to how you were. Thanks for developing this unique, exceptional product.


G. Malec
Employment Consultant

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Brain Lightning

Brain Lightning™

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