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Maya Talisman Frost

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FREE Holosync CD from Centerpointe
This is one of the best meditation tools available. Over 150,000 people from 172 countries have used Holosync to make dramatic improvements in their lives.

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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works.

Top Art sites
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Ancient Arts of Egypt
Egyptian Products and literature, information, plus links to other pages of my own, The Enlightenment,(Budddhist subjects) the 4th World (Native subjects) Health-Beauty-Spirit (health products) Enlightenment The 4th World

Pagan Art Work ... From Pagan and Proud of it !
Pagan digital Art work made by yours Truly...For a touch of True Magick..:)...All the faces of the Great Mother.. the elements.. astral visons and some fantasy... just for fun:) Come take a peek and maybe buy a print or two.. always something new to see... Blessings Be Esta

Angels by Sharae
Angel paintings by Internationally recognized Intuitive Angel artist Sharae Taylor. Commissioned original fine art Angel portraits. Artwork your soul responds too. Sharae's Angel paintings hang in Angel & Art collectors homes, healing & abuse centers and offices worldwide.

A Gem Stones Crystals Minerals Jewelry Source
A Gem Stones Gemstones Gems Crystals Minerals gold silver Jewelry metaphysical New Age sugilite moldavite pietersite tanzanite opal sapphire ruby quartz smoky scepter elestial enhydro agates plume crazy lace laguna dendritic moss obelisk psilomelane jasper jet massage tools energy rhodonite rhodochrosite spheres eggs malachite tourmaline amber amethyst citrine carnelian saginite charoite moonstone lapis lazuli fire agate obsidian bloodstone labradorite spectrolite holly blue amazonite gem silica green man ruby in zoisite rosetta stone sunstone tiger eye tiger iron covellite mtoralite chalcedony calligraphy stone chlorite phantom Handmade fung shui Shaman shopping hearts carved beads tumbled polished rocks.

Ancient mystical religious symbols. Spiritual art from 20,000 years blends archeology thealogy mysticism.Includes bird and butterfly Goddess ankh om or aum yin yang tree of life pentagram Native American Abydos helicopter face on Mars eye of Horus and more.

Creating and Enjoying Art
Visit here to learn more about Creating and Enjoying Art, an inspirational and informative book for the artist. This book is written by artist Isabelle Debrosse and is a must have. Unlock the doors to your creativity.

Here you can be inspiered by my psychic art and portrait drawings ,read about my spiritual expirences.And order your own psychic art drawing or painting.

Mowendi Art
Mowendi Art is a website filled with Abstract Art created spiritualy for your visual pleasure.Please do visit you are more than welcome! - Hindu and Buddhist statues
Fine quality hand carved HIndu and Buddhist deities

Isabelle Debrosse Fine Arts
Oil paintings by American artist Isabelle Debrosse. She frequently uses cross-cultural themes as a reminder of the invisible connection between people. Her work is full of symbolism that encourages the viewer to explore her paintings. Isabelle Debrosse has exhibited her artwork in various cities including Paris, Miami, and New York. The City of Miami has given Isabelle Debrosse a proclamation for her contribution as an artist in Miami.

Don Chase, Artist
Don Chase is one of North America's premier spiritual Native artists.

Art by Jennifer
Paintings for the mind and spirit celebrating environmental and human nature Art Gallery
You can find spirit of the art and more...

Energy Portraits
With an open heart, soul path activator Leiah sees and paints, in pastels on paper, the energy flowing through and out of your chakras, and channels messages and songs from divine and angelic sources, activating movement along your soul's chosen path. People find joy, promise, and an affirmation of their astounding beauty and profound worthiness. Energy Portraits can be done long distance. These gloriously radiant portraits are more detailed than photographic aura portraits.

Seeking Center
Visionary oil paintings, northern Arizona landscapes... originals and reproductions, online oil painting demonstrations.

Little River Studio and Gallery
The Art and Music of Lilla Luoma. Learn more about her Paintings, Wearable art, Paper creations, Energy work, Heartline Healing Center, Music, and much more!

Igor Mojzes, painter
Portfolio of original oil paintings, biography.

Katelyn Mariah Creates
Visionary Watercolor paintings that is focused on giving voice to the divine. Originals and prints available, soul paintings, shamanic healing rattles, healing dolls and medicine bags.

Fine Arts, symbolic, Nature, Renaissance, Tempera/oil on canvas PEACE mother earth

The Nature of Design
Internationally award winning Pressed Floral and Botanical art combined with pen & ink illustrations. Available as originals, prints, tile murals and stationary. See Healing Hearts

Zodiac Art
Artistic Zodiac Designs! Choose from 25 colorful designs to decorate your natal chart. All charts come laminated and with an extensive interpretive report-- Makes a very unique gift . We have designs for newborns as well as adults. Explore our astrological greeting cards and birth announcements using baby's chart or photo. Great prices.

Katelyn Mariah Creates
On line gallery of the art work of Katelyn Mariah, visionary watercolor painter. Gallery includes paintings and prints, soul portraits, art as medicine, healing dolls and shamanic healing rattles and creative writing. Dedicated to giving voice to the Divine. Visit the gallery for a journey in Spirit. All original paintings are for sale as well as in print form. Artist welcomes inquires about commissioned works, gallery shows and related creative projects.

Art of Fractal and Psychic Portraits by the Painter in Light
Original fractal art and psychic readings by one of the best fractal artists working today. You can get your own personal fractal. Fractals onsite also for meditation, spiritual development and enjoyment. All fractals are for sale.

sarawonder, free-lance artist
Entertainer sarawonder - the fastest portraits, in less than a minute. Hire sarawonder for state fairs, big events or parties. Traditional art in oil, water color, pencil, chalk, pastel on canvas, paper and other materials. Digital art - images, layouts, logos, graphics, animations, web design, music.

Blue Star Kachina
Channeling and healing art, spiritual poetry, healing online lessons and mandalas.

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