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Tonya Zavasta

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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works.

Top Paganism sites
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Willow Grove Magickal Shoppe
We offer hundreds of Pagan and Wiccan spell and ritual items for purchase and also provide resources for learning and growth in the ancient ways!

Beneath The Hawthorn...Magickal Gifts
Tired of all the commercialism? We offer handcrafted and unique products in a soothing atmosphere on the web. We make our own line of specialty bath salts, gift baskets, spell kits, and ritual kits. We also offer handpoured, reiki-charged candles, handrolled incense, all natural soap, herbal bath teas, much more!
Online courses, fun, trivia, history, forums, chat, humor, articles and more on topics of Gardening, Herbalism, Tarot, Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Scrying and so more!

Pandora's Bazaar Pagan Marketplace
Creating Pagan decorative products, Wiccan ritual items, and other Witchcraft supplies. Handcrafted goddess dolls, cloaks, and more!

The Daily Terminal Zenith Man
A site dedicated to the enhancement of one's spiritual path through custom handcrafted altars, ritual tools and stained glass art.

Temple of the Celestials
The Celestials makes every attempt to incorporate every faith with the honor and fairness deserved. The site has places to sign up for begining paganism classes and a magazine that is issued every month.

Through Night's Fire Ritual Kits
Astrologically-timed, personalized Ritual Kits. Candle Magick, gemstones, and herbs. Rituals are written by a professional astrologer and are based on your birthchart. Also offering general rituals. Complete kits. Everything you need to ask universe for aid.

Salem's Corner
Online shop of products and supplies. Pagan, Wicca, occult, native american, incense, oils, potions, spells, research links, jewelry, candles, magickal candles, aromatherapy, tarot, music, video, art

Nan's Nook
Discussion & Chat, 1300 members, preparation of sacraments. Registration required to view all forum areas ;)

Asiya's Shadows - Sabbats & Esbats
Sabbat and Esbat rituals, activities, symbolism, lore, and historical information.

The Owl and the Serpent
Unique, Hand-Crafted, and One-of-a-kind Ritual items and Natural remedies. If you're looking for something different...We have fresh organic herbs, essential oils, Properly prepared ritual oils & incense, Unique Chalices, hand made drums & rattles, Dreamcatchers, One-of-a-kind Athames, Cauldrons, Crystals, Runes, Tarot decks, Jewelry, Books, Candles, and much more. We welcome Witches of all paths, Santeros, Healers, Shamans, Druids, Hermetic & Voudou Practitioners.

Ministry of Sacred Arts and Sound
Sacred objects and art for Spiritual exploration- Workshops, private healing sessions, Apprenticeships

Amulet Jewelry
  Laurie Stetzler - Amulet Jewelry - Fine Art Jewelry. Unique, high quality sculptural jewelry. Custom design work available. Rare gemstones. Mythological, realistic talismans..

The Pagan Peddler
We offer a variety of pagan supplies, including herbs, stones, incense, gemstone runes, and our own custom spell candles.

DivineLoveLight Love Spells
Unique, secret love spells. Also offering psychic readings and free prayer service.

Universal Spirit
UNIVERSAL SPIRIT Honours all religions, Spiritual teachers, Light Workers, Spiritual paths, Mediums, Clairvoyants, Masters, and Healers. We have members at all different levels and areas of learning and everyone is welcome. UNIVERSAL SPIRIT Has some very talented Members who offer services like: Free tarot/oracle readings, distant Reiki healing, Tarot classes for beginners forum, We also have "Healing Haven" which happens once a week. Please remember to check your junk mail section. Love and Light Universal Spirit Staff

Traditions Magazine
A journal of Pagan spirituality and magick. Our mission is to provide innovative and well researched information regarding Paganism and its many cultural traditions. We offer an opportunity to explore Paganism using both scholarship and experience. We also provide valuable resources to aid in building and strengthening the Pagan community including a searchable link directory, networking and contacts, and web forums.

The All Ways Network (TAWN)
The network of all ways ...

Herbal Musings: Tools for Natural Living
Wiccan and Pagan ritual supplies, cloaks, clothing, jewelry, books, music, spell kits, incense and more!

The Goddess Quarterly Ezine
Dedicated to awakening the divine feminine within everyone!

Whitehorse Dreams
Come and explore the landscape of your dreams. Learn to understand the messages they contain. Articles and resources on analysis, symbolism, nightmares, lucidity, colours in dreams, journaling and recall. More on developing awareness, spirituality and the Witches Path. Dreams are the language of the soul...

AOTSC.TDC. Hellenic Pagan Fellowships
A Pagan church on and off the net, dedicated to creating community and teaching people about the Hellenic Pagan Religion Hellenismos in all of its traditions and forms.

the art and the craft
the online store forallyour mystical and spiritual needs. specialise in original magical paintings and other handcrafted goods. books,music,cards,jewellery,crystals,charms,talismans,spells,wicca,divination,newage....

Awake The Witch
Pagan retail with a focus on ritual items. 1800's reproduction brooms starting at $25. Black enamel and brass or aluminum altar pentacles. Ritual sets of hand-dipped tapers. Talismans, tapestries, bells, books, vintage seasoned cauldrons.

Faces of WomanSpirit
"The Faces of WomanSpirit honors bothy mystery and reality, allows the individuals to discover patterns and connections that are totally one-of-a-kind...The result is a deck that explores wholeness rather than pieces." Karen Crane, New Age Retailer Magazine

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