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Louise Morganti Kaelin

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FREE Holosync CD from Centerpointe
This is one of the best meditation tools available. Over 150,000 people from 172 countries have used Holosync to make dramatic improvements in their lives.

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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works.

Top Healing sites
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annisage, healing touch for animals
="display:none">edf40wrjww2links:ShortDescriptionLearn about some alternitive healing techniques for animlas. They vary from massage to acupressure and reiki. Read articles and about specific cases.

Child Support Network, the support collection professionals.
="display:none">edf40wrjww2links:ShortDescriptionWe help collect court ordered child support payments for parents who have not been able to collect through the state government or private legal system. Since 1995 Child Support Network has collected millions of dollars for thousands of frustrated parents, and we don’t get paid unless we collect!
Free absent healing service - healing requests accepted by email and on the site message board.

Tantric Goddess Network
Tantric Goddess site promotes the reclaiming of our union with the Tantra-Goddess energy. Through the teaching of Inter Faith Tantra, Yoni Tantra Puja, Yoni Healing and Tantra Goddess worship

Catherine Adams, Clairvoyant Counselor and Healer
An uplifting site! Articles on healing yourself, the ascension, soul mates and more. Get a session with Catherine for clairvoyant guidance and energy healing, as well.

Arizona Sedona Soul Journey Spiritual Retreats & Shamanic Cousneling
Sedona Spiritual retreats incorporating healing tours and journeys, ceremony on the land, shamanic soul retrieval, body wisdom and sweat lodge.

Spiritual and Shamanic Journeys
="display:none">edf40wrjww2links:ShortDescriptionAuthor Josie RavenWing offers healing journeys to Brazil to experience the amazing work of "miracle man" Joao de Deus (John of God) and powerful shamanic groups; also upcoming sacred journeys to Peru, workshops, Desert Visions retreats, and shamanic and healing work for individuals and groups.

Sacred Transformation
Sacred Transformation is a blend of several synergistic healing modalities as well as workshops offered by Ursula, a gifted and dedicated healer. Cutting edge healing technologies of light, sound and much more.

Holistic Healing; Body, Mind, and Spirit
Vast variety of articles focused on self empowerment and healing the mind, body, spirit.

Seven Rays Healing
="display:none">edf40wrjww2links:ShortDescriptionWhen you receive a seven-ray healing - the appropriate ray colors are applied to a disorderly condition of the physical body or emotions and balance and vitality are restored.

New Spiritual Healing Instrument designed by God
Vibrant assistance for HEALTH and spiritual growth. New instrument creates a Universal Spiritual Force. Read astonishing testimonials and magazine article! Improves meditation. 30 day no-risk money-back guarantee yet 94% keep it. Succeeds where other therapies fails! BodyScan 2010 and Kirilian aura photography proves it's amazing.

Singing Bowls CD and books
Soul Sounds is a CD of a shamanic session with singing bowls. It is used for deep relaxation and healing. Two new book full of information about singing bowls.

Healing SOS
="display:none">edf40wrjww2links:ShortDescriptionOur Solar System is entering the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the humanitarian sign. Uranus (that moves into Pisces from December 2003 for a period of 7 years), is the ruler of the division of the Zodiac, which is the path of the Solar System. We are now entering the 'AGE OF TRUTH'. The condition or health of the physical body determines the condition of the Soul. It is only when the blood is chemically perfect that high vibrational Universal energy can enter the body.

Reinventing myself - Healing my life
Insightful and easy techniques and information on healing and improving every aspect of your life.Guided meditaion,creative visualisation Cds available.

Dreamstones - Spiritual Adventures
="display:none">edf40wrjww2links:ShortDescriptionConnect to a community of seekers, writers, and artists - and heal your heart with "The Heart Journal - A Spiritual Workbook"

Daughter of the Dark Moon
A majickal place of healing, love, and wisdom. Dedicated to our Earth Mother and Neil. Pagan, Zen, Wiccan, and Native American spirituality. Links to healing emotional abuse, incense and ritual recipes, and poetry by Brenda Hammick.


Soul Release & Empowerment - Advanced Energy Healing & Coaching
Advanced energy healing techniques remove blockages from the energy system (chakras, meridians, etc.) so you experience joy, empowerment, and are able to create the life you desire!

Pastlife India
Pastlife therapy has emerged as a powerful treatment for a number of emotional, interpersonal, and select chronic 'health' related problemns

Brenda the Wonderful
A majickal place of love, healing, and wisdom. Poetry by Brenda Hammick. Dedicated to Spirit and Neil.

The Crystal Tarot
Holistic healing site which integrates alternative therapies and energy healing with spiritual counseling to enable one to make the mind/body connection and self-heal. Crystal healing, tarot reading, goddess profiles, spiritual spa, Holistic Healing Questionnaire. Spiritual cleansing workshops. Free Newsletter which contains interviews with practitioners in a variety of healing modalities and discounts on my services. Awards Program. Products, courses, workshops.
wheelchairs walkers canes medical equipment impotence treatment scooters vacurect hospital beds

Andrew McKellar
="display:none">edf40wrjww2links:ShortDescriptionAndrew McKellar is renowned the world over for his extraordinary success in healing “incurable” medical conditions. Working with his spirit doctors he has repeatedly baffled the established medical profession with his astonishing, seemingly impossible results.

The Orhai Method of Total Healing
Orhai total healing is a unique modality that clears developmental traumas, fear based thoughts and emotions, karmic contracts, negative programs stored in the cellular memory using the sound of your soul and specific light activation points. Orhai is an experience, the more you practice it the more benefits you receive. It is easy to learn and has profound results. This healing modality has involved years of accumulated information which assists you in being the best you can be. Seminars and home study courses are available.

Hanlin Academy
Hanlin Academy is engaged in educational, research, publishing and publicity activities by organizing lectures, seminars, conferences, courses and schools and publishing works for physical health and spiritual development. Its underlying method is the combination of theory and practice: an integrative, holistic approach to problems from the point of view of philosophy, psychology, natural sciences, ethics, aesthetics, medicine, culture, art, qigong, martial arts, and other frontier fields.

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