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The Art of Meditation
The Art of Meditation
Learn to quiet your mind and calm your body, ease physical discomfort and strengthen your immune system, and discover new powers of concentration.
Top Meditation Sites
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Center for Esoteric Studies
an educational center offering classes, courses, workshops, and lectures in meditation, psychology, astrology, metaphysics, chakras, kabbalah, the Seven Rays - the Ageless Wisdom Teachings

Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe
Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe presents ideas and images about transforming consciousness and reaching a higher level of reality. It also offers two online books: Reality Inspector, a novel about computer-hacking and chess, and Foundation for a New Consciousness, an essay on the arts, traditional and modern sciences, and meditation. The ideas include alchemy, paradoxical thinking, and meditation.

The Sacred Labyrinth: Ancient Meditation Tool
The labyrinth as a tool for meditation, reflection and understanding. Learn to build your own labyrinth. Labyrinth gifts and tools.

FISU - Meditation & Spiritual Unfoldment
FISU - Is Europe's leading centre for Meditation and Spiritual Unfoldment

The World Wide Online Meditation Center
A colorful, user-friendly site, offering clear, concise meditation instruction on a variety of techniques from various spiritual traditions.

Jack Lim Qi Energy Music
Jack wishes to share his knowledge of the ancient Chinese art of Qigong, which allows one to access the universal Life Force Qi Energy. His unique music carries this energy, and is used for healing and self healing, meditation, and enlightenment. Jack also organises Qigong tours to China. He answers all email personally.

Selections from the Spiritual Teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai
This is the repository of The Supreme Master Ching Hai's spiritual teachings, featuring the Quan Yin Method of meditation, world-wide public lectures, talks with disciples and media reporters, Q&A sessions, and excerpts from The Supreme Master Ching Hai news magazine.

Mother Earth Pillows
Therapeutic flax & herbal pillows designed to treat & prevent pain. Buckwheat Hull sleeping pillows for conformable comfort. Aromatherapy Oils & Spritzers, soaps and lotions for relaxation, stress reduction & more!

Reinventing Myself - Meditation CDs.
Beautifully visual healing meditations backed by the stunning music of Mike Rowland. Deeply relaxing yet energizing. Free up your mind body and spirit with 3 tracks on one CD.

Reinventing myself with creative visualization
Beautifully scripted guided meditations by Sonya Green and backing music by Mike Rowland. all tracks will take your from exhaustion to exhileration in less than 20 minutes.

Trika/kundalini Yoga
Trika Yoga: The Experience of Kundalini Kundalini is the energy of life "the Divine" as it is experienced in the individual. Trika Yoga is an ancient tantric practice that allows each individual to experience their own connection to the Divine. This practice releases one's tensions and awakens & expands the flow of inner energy known as kundalini. As we become attuned to the vital force and sacred space within, we experience deep change and growth, and a maturing of love and spiritual fulfillment. Classes are taught by Steven Ott, a practitioner and teacher within this lineage for thirty years. Classes: Monday, Wednesday,& Saturday. Quarterly Retreats. Call 510-486-1966 for free introduction class. Website:

Valley Zendo || Retreats, Workshops, & Daily Meditation Practice in the tradition of Kodo Sawaki Roshi
Practicing Shikantaza in the tradition of Dogen, Sawaki Roshi, and Uchiyama Roshi. We offer daily practice, weekly Sunday Sitting and Dharma talk, in addition to Sesshin (held in summer and winter). Please visit our website for more information....

The Zen Society
Zen Meditation, Community, Retreats, Interfaith Workshops, Resident Study Programs.

The Atlantean One Meditation Helmet
The ATLANTEAN ONE MEDITATION HELMET is the most innovative meditation tool available. When properly used, this tool can help you achieve higher levels of conciousness by stimulating the senses beyond those of sight,sound,taste,touch and scent. This helmet can enhance your clairvoyant and telepathic capabilities.

Learn meditation with Wildmind
A down to earth guide to Buddhist meditation techniques that will help you find more relaxation and joy.

Attention to the Sound
Easy meditation technique with the Inner-Light and Inner-Sound.

World of Yoga -- Articles for Daily Living
Personal page for practioners of yoga and readers of Vedic teachings. Guide for mind, body and spirit.

The Sacred Merkaba Techniques
Spiritual techniques, such as prayer and meditation, offer a person the usual slow, methodical way for one evolve over many lifetimes to the radiance that is necessary for one to return to God and merge in a Sacred Re-Union with Mother Father Creator God of All That Is. However, there is a set of sacred techniques that are available today which are comprised of both ancient and modern methods which will lead one to Enlightenment and beyond in one lifetime. The Sacred Merkaba Techniques blend meditation and prayer in a special way so that an individual person is immediately blessed with tremendous amounts of God's Unconditional Love. Huge amounts of God's Unconditional Love result in the amazing expansions of consciousness which are necessary for a person's complete return and Sacred Re-Union with God.

The Sacred Labyrinth
The labyrinth as a tool for meditation, reflection and understanding.

Har Tzion
In these difficult times humanity is going through, I wish to recommend this non for profit site, which is a humble effort to spread peace and love all over the world. The site is

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Holosync from Centerpointe
This is one of the best meditation tools available. More Info

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