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FREE Holosync CD from Centerpointe
This is one of the best meditation tools available. Over 150,000 people from 172 countries have used Holosync to make dramatic improvements in their lives.

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Brett Fletcher
Brett Fletcher's writings are influenced by ancient sacred texts as well as a variety of esoteric works.

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Psychic Readings by Cherry Sage Top Site! 
Exceptional service for authentic psychic readings by expert psychic intuitive Cherry Sage. Published author, radio psychic and owner/operator of one of the top sites for professional real psychic, tarot and numerology readings. Visit to read 100s of testimonials to her amazing accuracy and honesty. I

PATHS Top Site! 
Millions of instructions per minute are downloaded into your subconscious to effect positive change. Sleep better, improve self-esteem, lose weight, increase LOA and synchronicities, elevate mood, supercharge energy, improve intuition in three minutes a week.

Spiritual Singles Top Site! 
Holistic, Conscious Online Dating, Events & Retreats. Thousands of conscious singles! Join, browse and send “hellos” free. Manifest your mate by tapping into our pool of conscious singles!Read our success stories for really does work! Your soul mate awaits....welcome in advance.

Live Psychic Readings at Kasamba Top Site! 
Find your future with Kasamba Psychics. The Psychics at Kasamba have an amazing track record of providing quality, accurate online psychic advice. Kasamba has large selection of top psychic advisors waiting to assist you at anytime…day or night.

Psychic Advice - Free Psychic Readings Top Site! 
Best new Psychic portal of 2005. Pre-screened Psychics give reading advice by phone, text chat, video to video, or email. $10 free signup. Horoscopes, Tarotscopes and more. Clean site, powerful services, and personal customer service.

Centerpointe Research Top Site! 
This program will accelerate your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth in ways that will absolutely amaze you.

The Ishayas' Ascension Top Site! 
The Art of Ascension is a series of ancient, simple, and highly effective meditative techniques. These techniques, called Ascension Attitudes, instantly bring the mind to its deepest level; the Infinite Field of Consciousness. The practice is natural and effortless. No belief is required, so it can be done by anyone.

Hi-tech healing and peak performance for the 21st Century Top Site! 
For over twenty years Neurotech Coaching has offered the best in brainwave biofeedback and brainwave entrainment, including mind machines and the best Alpha brainwave entrainment on the market for healing, wellbeing, peak performance and spiritual/magical growth. We offer a series of powerful meditation/hypnosis CDs with Alpha brainwave entrainment using evocative, entrancing music woven into its very fabric, that effortlessly sweeps you away into a deep expansive state of medative bliss.

Love Wizardry Top Site! 
Psychic Readings from Professional Psychics We offer some of the most complete psychic readings on the web. Every reading we do comes complete with powerful spells that you can cast on your own. We not only tell you what your problems are~ we go the extra mile to try & help you solve them. Take a look at our specialty-Love spells, Reuniting lovers,Money spells,Luck spells,and more

Find meaning in your life. Overcome despair and disillusionment. Top Site! 
What makes Inmate 88 very different from other personal development programs is that it is not a fluffy sugar-coated view of life – very confronting, nowhere to hide, asks you to be brutally honest with yourself, shocks you into getting on with the important things and stop wasting your precious life on so much trivia, and then helps you to make some specific goals and plans and open yourself up to taking more risks and becoming your true self.

Gypsy Wisdom Top Site! 
Cristina offers inexpensive readings, FREE ebooks, and information about Gypsies. She is the author of Gypsy Wisdom, a simple guide to card readings, spells and potions, now available in ebook format.

Lost Pet Psychic and Medium Top Site! 
I'm Spiritual Sharon; an established Psychic Medium. I help find lost and stolen pets using my psychic abilities. I can help you by phone just as well as in person. I'm also a Psychic Medium; connecting you with deceased loved ones, tuning into your health and personal issues. Top Site! 
You are what you eat. Do you know what you're eating? Get the facts about the foods that you eat. Features a huge database with top brand name foods and fast food. Top Site! 
Comprehensive church directory, live web polls, religious news, christian newsletter, articles, and more. Please come visit us.

Awakening Mind by Enlightened Enterprises
Spiritual Enlightenment, Astral Projection, Meditation, Books and eBooks, Mind Machines, Sound Sessions, Biofeedback Systems, Subliminals and Hypnosis Products, Gifts, and Lots of Information!

Psychic Readings At MoonWhisper
Free and low cost psychic readings by top five star rated psychic advisors via chat,email or phone. Free daily horoscopes and interactive readings.

Guiding Light
Your One Stop Resource for Psychic & Spiritual Development Including Chakras, Spirit Guides, Clairvoyance, Auras, Dreams, Tarot, Forums, Chatroom, Free Downloads And Much More

Sell Tarot Cards No Investment
Psychic Broker, Manager or Recruiter Do you have a Web site, Email or News Letter? If so, here is a great opportunity to make money from it! Become a Buy Tarot Affiliate and you can: Earn a Great commission of all sales originating from your site. (One of the BEST rates on the Net) Join for FREE / No Investment We have only choosen the most popular Tarot items on the net . No need to browse through pages of of non selling items we only sell what the general public request the most. Browse our site: Buy Tarot Reseller : Sign up

Goddess Flight Tarot -- Guidance, Answers, Insight
Goddess Flight Divination tarot card readings. Psychic reading guidance on the future, love, relationships, career, money, health, spirituality, and more. Unlimited tarot membership, how to do tarot readings, deck reviews, and tarot information. Our most popular readings are the 32 Card Tarot Reading, Love Forecast Tarot Reading and Relationship Analysis Tarot Reading.

Essential Pathways - A Spiritual Solution
If you are finding yourself in lack, in pain, in separation and stuck in the past, Essential Pathways has an answer. Problems have their root in retained past experience that blocks you from accessing your empowered and Divine nature. These blocks exist in the conscious and subconscious mind. They are like clouds that obscure a sun that is there. They can and must be cleared away for problems to be solved. Essential is a web site designed to help you clear away the blocks that cause suffering. Developed by Rick Moss, Ph.D., and based on his 15 years of experience teaching Pre-Cognitive Re-Education, this site is unique. You are led through gentle clearing pathways that employ visualization, insight, and guidance and timeless truths to enable you to release the limited beliefs, hurtful emotions and blockages that bind you to the past and keep you from the empowered wholeness of your true mind. You will be guided both by voice and words. Step into the present by releasing the past. Free your mind to know your Self.

Ancient Arts of Egypt
Egyptian Products and literature, information, plus links to other pages of my own, The Enlightenment,(Budddhist subjects) the 4th World (Native subjects) Health-Beauty-Spirit (health products) Enlightenment The 4th World

Goddess Astrology Forecasts & Profiles
Goddess Flight. Divination astrology forecasts, astrology reports, natal charts, relationship profiles, love compatibility readings, zodiac sign information and free daily horoscopes are in-depth and affordable. Direct and easy to read--Make the most of your life!

Personalized Biorhythm Calendar
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 12-month BIORHYTHM calendar, high quality, 8-1/2" x 11", wire bound, cardboard back. Your biorhythm cycles are calculated based on your date of birth. Color coded symbols alert you on your critical days. Includes biorhythm explanation, phases of the moon, traditional holidays. Include up to 20 of your own personal holidays for FREE (Birthdays, anniversary, vacation, etc.). The ULTIMATE personalized gift. The ULTIMATE personal guide. Order yours TODAY.

Acclaimed Psychic-MediumTara Night
Official website of acclaimed Psychic-Medium Tara Night.This gifted lady is the host of her own radio show "The Tara Night Show" and has been featured as a guest on over 100 stations coast to coast.She was also the host of the popular radio show called "Encounters Radio." Connect with your loved ones who have crossed over and obtain spiritual guidance. Definately worth looking at.Readings offered WORLD WIDE by telephone.

Massage Therapy Supply
We strive to bring the very best massage therapy products to you at the lowest possible prices.

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Holosync from Centerpointe
This is one of the best meditation tools available. More Info

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